Sunday, 14 February 2016

Fully Recycled Maxi Dress.

I'll start off by saying this dress is completely recycled. The denim for the bustier came from a pair of Rikkis old jeans, the main skirt material came from an old maxi dress, the d rings came from an old handbag and the rest of the skirt panels are from various tops that I don't wear any more.  

I split the main maxi dress material into four and added godets made from the tops, this means the skirt is really swishy! I also added a solid band to the bottom of the skirt (off cut from another dress) to tie the whole skirt together.

Pattern wise, i used the corset top pattern from the gbsb book fashion with fabric, however this time it came out really big on me so I might have to retrace a smaller size in the pattern. really I should have completely taken it in but I couldn't be bothered so I just added a halter neck via some d rings. At least this way i have growing room should I choose to grow. 

There's no pictures of the back sorry, I forgot to change into a strapless bra and all you can see from the back is my bright pink bra straps. Not attractive!. 

The skirts semi sheer and I've not lined it, so I'm just wearing it with one of my many slips! {honestly slips are the most useful thing ever! I've got a white skirt one a black skirt one, a purple long skirt one {used here} and a black full slip, next on my wish list is a nude one!}

Can you tell I love the skirt? All in all I'm feeling pretty meh about it as a whole but I do love the swishy skirt, even if you can't really see it on the pictures.

I didn't really bother hemming the skirt, I just used the overcast foot and a overcast stitch. I was going to do a small hem but it drags on the floor [as all maxi dresses should] and I hated the idea of a hem I worked hard on getting all frayed and stuff!

I got photo bombed as I took these! Apparently it was his turn!

He even started turning like I do!

So all in all I'm not calling it a success because I don't LOVE it . And I'm reaching the point where I want to LOVE everything in my wardrobe. That said I can see me wearing it n the summer and if I go on holiday, on the beach sans slip {but with bikini bottoms obvs!}

And just for kicks here's a throwback of me wearing the original dress to an 18th birthday party many moons ago.

Look how short my hair was!

Look how socially awkward I look, trying to join in whilst simultaneously wanting to go home and have a brew.

There's not really much I can say other than that! I had a terrible time, I didn't know anyone and the only reason I stayed is because my mother said she wouldn't pick me up and I didn't want to ruin my new heels. 
 Yeah I don't do well in social situations!

Much Love 




  1. Recycled garments are always such fun to make. You wear it well. Jo x

    1. Fun but hard when you know your going to run out of fabric!
      Thanks for reading x


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