Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Team Colours

This week has been weird, on the one hand it's half term so we've had lots of fun

Making pancakes for dinner 

And baking cakes ! Playing toys and having lazy cuddles in bed. But on the other hand I'm feeling fed up. Probably because im spending most of the day with a small child and not really getting out much, or getting much grown up contact.  In fact I'm terribly excited for tomorrow becuase not only will Rikki be here in the morning were also having visitors! YAY! People! 

I think the lack of sewing time has effected my mood aswell. There's only so much you can do with a four year old running around and I always worry he'll hurt himself. Luckily there has been time for knitting when lil man has been engrossed in toys. 

These booties are for rikkis cousin, in his teams colours. I always think men get the short straw when babies are born. Nearly all of our gifts were handed to me and I opened a fair few of them. In fact some people even got me gifts but didn't get Rikki anything which is a shame considering how well he looked after us both. 

So these were designed just with the babies daddy in mind. I've been pottering making some other bits too, but we don't yet know the sex of the baby so I'm having to do everything in two colours!!! 

Oh the things I do to give handmade!! 

So yeah finishing these cheered me up a bit , and we're going to walk to the shops in a bit for some things. Although the weather is putting me off. Both me and lil man hate rain with a passion!!! 

Much love 



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