Friday, 12 February 2016

High Waisted Circle skirt

I'm not sure whether I like this or whether I hate it yet. From some angles I feel it makes me look really wide..... like a truck.

It's a circle skirt {using my own method} attached to a Clemence skirt waistband that I extended to 8 inches, to make it a high "high" waisted skirt. I didn't have any heavy weight interfacing so I just used some Hessian that I had in my stash. {I think Hessian is the right word, its like potato sack fabric}

The fabric was free from a friend who gave me a roll of this fabric. and the zip is re-purposed from one of lil mans old clothes. I did a lapped zip insertion again but you can't really tell because of how bulky both the zip and the fabric are.   

When it was finished I had to shorten it by about 6 inches but other than that I just did a standard hem. Although it only has one full row of hem stitching, generally I like to do two rows but my bobbin ran out half way and I wasn't in love enough to actually rewind the bobbin for this one project.  Luckily it's not that noticeable. 

There's a box pleat at the front that I put in to use up the excess, I like it though because it means there's less chance of me flashing my pants when I sit down.

Because of how wide I think it makes me look wish the full waistband I've been folding it down by about two inches. At least I learnt something though, If I'm doing something this high waisted I need to curve the waistband to the curves of my body more, so I look less wide. 

In other news I haven't posted for a few days because poor Rikki came down with a migraine on Wednesday morning and was really sick all sodding day! {We had planned to have a romantic breakfast pancake meal but that went out the window after the noises I heard from the bathroom}
So yeah that was awesome, then being the sensible human I decided to sleep in the man room so that if it was a virus at least one of us wouldn't be infected! And then lil man woke up at 3am! YES! 3am with a bad dream and came into bed with me.... In the man room.....on the futon..... the uncomfortable futon......which lil man soon hogged all the his lonesome.

And he made my arm numb........ Life's a blast isn't it?

Luckily everyone's feeling better now and we haven't had a bad dream since. 

Much Love




  1. I like the skirt especially the high waist band. Makes you look wide, don't make me laugh. I think perhaps it's the top doesn't really enhance the skirt, do you not have a nice cream blouse with lace across the neck that might do the trick. Any way skirt gets the thumbs up from me it's very unusual and I like that.

    1. I think it needs a different top I've been wearing it with a tucked in jumper at the moment x

  2. I like the skirt, I think if you try different tops you might like it more!!! I used to have skirts with high waistbands many years ago and used to make short waistcoats to go with them either matching or contrasting. It used to set them off really well (I thought so any way!!)

    1. Well now I definitely need a matching vest! It's in my sewing list!!!


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