Friday, 19 February 2016

Shopping Thoughts

Today I went to the shops! And I drove! Which is a pretty big achievement for me, because I'm not the most confident of drivers, In fact the only reason I learnt was because my parents made it quite clear that lifts would be stopping and I wouldn't be able to get places. I've done the drive lots of times its only a 15/20 minute one but boy do I get stressed! I've always been a stressy driver, I remember sitting in my driving lessons sweating! And the situation is not helped by having a whiny four year old in the back!

But I did it! And I had to deal with some of my pet driving peeves!

- Pedestrians that cross anywhere! Cross safely or prepare to be run over!
- Cars that don't give you room, either they try and squeeze in the gap with you or they are right up your jaxi!
- Cars that Park on double yellows! The pretty lines are there for a reason you plonker.
- Cars that pip, yes I know I stalled, nobodies perfect stop beeping at me and sod off!
- Roundabouts , just in general
- Hills, and hill starts
-One way carparks
-People who ignore the one way system in carparks

In fact maybe I like driving and just hate other people?

But yeah I survived! I mainly went out to prove to myself that I could and secondly so I could spend my new look voucher that I was given for my birthday, and decided to save for a rainy day.

I didn't buy anything groundbreaking, In fact they didnt really have anything groundbreaking in the shop. There was a nice velvet turtleneck with long sleeves I was tempted by....... Until it I realised it was a crop top..... ITS COLD PEOPLE! 

But mainly it was just lil party frocks [which I have plenty of] and tops that wouldn't really suit me. Actually its been a while since I've been shopping and I thought I was going to enjoy it more than I did. It probably didn't help having a small man in tow who takes the same view of shopping as the big man..... that it sucks. But still I saw some nice shirts, but I make my own now, and some nice dresses but I make my own. There was one cool jumper but it was like 30 quid and I was like "No Thank you Sir!" So instead I perused the accessories.

I've been wanting a nice satchel style bag that's big enough to put my tablet in but there's were too small, I like the floppy hats but they weren't quite floppy enough. I did check out the bikinis but they only had bottoms [Is this a new thing? to bare ones breast area on holiday?] I also looked at the jewellery but a lot of it was stuff I've already sort of got! In fact these were the only things I kept coming back to.

A round faced watch with a black strap, I got this for £6.00 and I've been looking for a day to day watch for a while now so that's a winner,

And this red and black print blanket scarf that I got for £4.00, and that Lil man kindly offered to model for me.

He actually looks pretty suave in this and wouldn't take it off so it might be lost to me now.

Look at that face!

So yeah I'm pleased with my purchases but they aren't very interesting!!! They are pretty basic wardrobe fillers and very sensible which got me thinking about my shopping habits.

It was weird to go shopping after so long, It felt really strange to walk into a shop and have people giving you the once over, especially seen as the online sewing community is so supportive. I also found myself looking at how the things were made and whether I'd wear it more than once, How would it fit into my wardrobe? What holes could I fill? In fact the main thing I wanted was a pair of smart grey/black trousers in a wool fabric but smart trousers rarely make the sale rail.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I think my shopping ban, combined with the fact I've been receiving hand me downs and up cycling old clothes and making my own has changed me as a person. And its changed the way I dress. Instead of spending money on clothes for the weekend I'd rather I look halfway decent all the time. Lets face it I've probably got enough party frocks to last me a lifetime now I'm a momma. Plus I want my clothes to last or at least I want to love them so much I wear them to rags!

I think I have less of a throwaway mentality now. Oh I've grown up! About time!

That said having a new watch and scarf has cheered me up! 

Has sewing changed your shopping views?

Much Love



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