Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Fuzzy Blue Booties and Helmet Hat

It's miserable weather, its not even snow it's just slush. It's raining slush. I got soaked on the way to nursery today because of the stupid slush and my child's penchant for stamping his feet as he walks. And of course the two very inconsiderate drivers who splashed us with water as they drove as close to the pavement as possible. I'm not saying they did it on purpose but I do hope they burn in hell.

I also have a cold which doesn't help [it occurs to me, after re reading old blog posts that I must seem poorly quite a lot. Just too explain I have a low white blood cell count so I pick things up quite easily!]

Anyway onto the good stuff, I made these last week, I'm trying to do more knitting and expand my knitting skills. Mainly because I've been stuck in a rut knitting wise. Luckily for me there's lots of babies on the way and they will definitely be needing knit wear at some point.

These booties are pretty simple although I think the fuzzy tops look super cute, you can have them folded up or down but i think down is cuter.

I made the smallest size because I always knit the smallest size its just my way!

I also made a matching hat, well technically its a helmet, although I'm not sure if people use these for babies any more. I personally like them and I had one for lil man when he was born I found it kept his ears lovely and snug and fit nicely under his bear suit hoods. Because naturally if your gonna put your kid in a bear suit you have to have the hood up because that's wear the ears are.

I was pleased with my knitting skills on this, I particularly like the seam part that's not actually a seam its just where the increases and decreases are. I do wish I had done the chin strap in stocking stitch though, the pattern calls for garter stitch but I think stocking would look better.

The buttons just from my stash. Although I am wondering if I'm ever going to use all of my buttons, I mean ever!!!!

In other news I got some pretty cool sewing done last night! Which will be revealed soon.

Much Love



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  1. These are lovely! Have you heard that belly dancing Katherine is in labour?


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