Sunday, 21 February 2016

Pin Cushion Owl

The only reason I started to make this is because I didn't have any hand stitching projects on the go and I needed something mindless to do. The pattern is from love patchwork and quilting magazine [I can't find a picture or a link sorry!] and is meant to be made in woven fabric. But I chose to make it in felt so that I could sit and relax in the sofa whilst doing it.

It sat half finished for ages because I wasn't in love with it, I knew it wasn't going to be a stuffed toy and then I had the brilliant idea of sticking pins in it! Which it works pretty darn well for if I do say so myself! Arnold as he is now known sits next to my machine whilst I'm sewing and is always ready for me to shove pins into his soft lil head! And the pocket at the front is perfect for putting my unpicker and snips in.  

I strayed from the instructions and just made it up as I saw fit, I also filled it with stuffing and then put a bag of rice in the bottom to make him nice and heavy. I did think at one point he might make a cute doorstop but this idea is better and it gets more use this way, he collects all my stray pins and sits neatly on my sewing case when I tidy everything up.

All in all I'd say its an okayish finish, I like that I've found a use for him and its nice to have something cute next to my machine. And I think I might make a few of them using woven fabric as well, especially since I already have the pattern traced and ready to go. 

much love 



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