Saturday, 6 February 2016

The obnoxious hat,

I made a hat, it's an obnoxious shade of blue with an obnoxious large Pom Pom. 

Can't get better than that! 

I didn't use a pattern instead I cast in 60 stitches into size 6mm needles with chunky wool. Knit a few rows rib. Knit a few rows garter stitch then when I was happy with the length I decreased. I did knit two , knit two together for a row and then knit a row. Simples! 

Thinking about it , it could be a lil longer! Sorry for the crappy picture quality , I should get my proper camera out but I can't be bothered! 

Plus my brownies are baking and o don't want to miss the beeps! Yeah I'm making brownies part of my New Years resolution to bake once a week. 

I think it's pretty cute, I might make one in black!!! 

Much love



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