Saturday, 13 February 2016

Pom Bomb Hat

a pom bomb by the way is what lil man calls a pom pom. I'm not sure why? But he alo calls mittens "Knittens" you know "cos they knittin mummy" Kids got a point.....

Anyway so i made anither hat!

This ones pretty blown out but you can see the details of the hat which is nice, I used the same method as for my last hat. But this time instead of the garter stitch I used stocking stitch. 

I used two strands of wool, one plain black ball and one made up of scraps of blues, greys, beige and white. Together they made a cool looking marl effect and they knitted up pretty quickly.

I sized down the Pom Pom too, and I made it on my Pom Pom maker again, In fact I'd say that the Pom Pom maker might be my new favourite sewing tool! They actually save so much time!!!!

I really love this hat!!!! Iv'e worn it every day to nursery and I feel very stylish and it keeps my ears warm as an added bonus! 

And these colours work better with my wardrobe than my previous hat as well!

And I even managed to get some okay pictures of it on my camera too! Which means that YAY winter is nearly ending! Yay for being able to take better blog pictures!!!! 

Much Love




  1. I saw some cool furry pom poms in Hobbycraft today at £2 for 2. I picked some up and then put them down because I don't have a hat project on the go right now. Your is fab.

    1. This is the worlds quickest hat to knit! I'm pretty sure a speedy knitter could have it done in like two hours! Thanks for reading


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