Monday, 1 February 2016

I'm walking on sunshine booties!

I'm still working my way through blogging all of my knitting projects from my sans internet period. I think I made these one day when Hubby was on nights [so tucked up in bed] and lil man was doing a full day at nursery. naturally I couldn't use my sewing machine and I had no internet so I cosied up on the sofa with the sopranos boxset and some knitting. Yes I'm still watching the sopranos , and I'm starting to wonder how I'm going to fill the void when Its over.

Its a pretty basic pattern which combines garter stitch and stocking stitch. Its knitted flat and then you stitch it up as the end. How lush is that wool? I have no idea what it is, my mother in law gave it to me in a lil pack of about 6 colours, I only had 25g so this bootee pattern was perfect. 

Yet again I was too lazy to make the twisted ties so I used some thin pieces of ribbon I had lying around.

I'm getting quite a collection of baby knits, which isn't a bad thing especially seen as there's going to be another baby coming in the summer!!! 

Naturally I started pulling fabric for a baby quilt and was promptly told by lil man that the ones I had chosen were wrong and it needed spots because they have a spotty dog. I guess he has a point! So I think I'll have to tell them this one is a collaboration! So far I've cut the strips and started piecing I'm doing something new so fingers crossed it looks cute and not like a scrap vomit quilt! 

Much Love



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