Sunday, 8 November 2015

Baby Shower Gifts!

I'm at a baby shower today! But I just though id post a picture of what my gift ended up looking like!

Most of which was handmade by me!

knitted bear
knitted hat and booties set
4 bibs
nail set
small booties
two taggy blankets
knitted blanket with flowers
monkey toy
fairy book
owl book
green knitted blanket [that the babies nan made for little knitwit and i'm now giving back]
travel knife and fork
4 handmade soft toys
bubble bath
patchwork quilt!

I'm dammed proud of this hamper, I've made like 80% of the contents and i'm really please with the finish of everything, and how it all looks put together!

This is just the hamper for the baby shower obviously when baby actually arrives she will receive another little [probably shop brought] gift as will mummy and daddy! Because lets face it they've done some of the hard work too!

Much Love 



  1. You are the best :D I loved it so much!! My little one has the best godmother in the world :D we love you lots xxxx


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