Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Sparkly baby booties

I finished these baby booties on Sunday and as usual procrastinated about seeing them up! But here they are 

I knitted the first size (I always do, it's far easier to see where you are that way) and used a sidar pattern that Mr knitwits nan lent me. 

I think I've got enough wool for the hat mittens and booties. I'm using a dark pink from my stash and a light pink that has sparkly bits in that a friend sent me! 

I've got to say I love this sparkly wool it's so girly! 

When I've finished I'm going to put them all to one side for the next little baby girl that's born small. 

It's quite funny actually when lil knitwits was prem the nurses put a huge emphasis on knitwear, apparently it's the best thing for layering up and keeping babies warm! 

Luckily for us we phoned mr knitwits nan and she churned out about four pairs of booties, a hat and some mittens before her visit! 

The only alteration I made to this pattern was to knit to whole thing in garter stitch, mainly because it's my fastest stitch and I don't see the point slaving over purl stitches when babies grow so fast! 

Although after looking at the pattern I think I might make the hooded jacket and follow the pattern properly. I'll just need to find enough wool! Really I should make the next one uni sex! 

In other news we've been cracking on with the Christmas shopping in a big way! In fact we've nearly done! We always start early mainly so we can get it all wrapped and away, and secondly because we both hate shopping during the Christmas rush! Shopping during the Christmas rush is how bad decisions are made !!!! "Yes of course he'd love this book in oddly shaped trees"

Much love 



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