Saturday, 14 November 2015

Charcoal Knit Fabric Dress

Okay so this might just go down in history as the most boring dress in history but if you bear with me you'll see why I made it.

So the fabric was given to me by my sewing pen pal, I think she used it to make a Mortimer dress? Now I've never sewn a knit fabric dress before so my patterns and knowledge was a little limited! The fabric has two way stretch but I don't know how much! 

I made the top part of the dress using the princess seam bodice from the second GBSB book but I didn't put a zip in and I used a smaller seam allowance, and I drafted the sleeve myself using my French curves and using another sleeve pattern piece as reference. The skirt is just a large rectangle of fabric that I gathered.

I sewed it all up on my regular machine and didn't encounter too many problems although the top stitching on the neckband is just awful! I think I was trying to stitch through something too thick. I'm putting it don't as a learning moment. The top stitching on the neckline, sleeves and hem was done using my twin needle but I used a ball point needle on everything else.

All in all its a pretty simple dress, the fabric is soft which I like but the waist seam is a little high and id worry that I looked a bit preggers in it.

Know for the important bit! Here's WHY I made it! Some of you may remember the denim bustier I made from the third GBSB book. Now as lovely as it is it doesn't seem to get a lot of wear, mainly because it exposed both bosom and midriff. Not exactly appropriate for the nursery run.

So I made this dress so I can layer my denim top over the top of it!

I got the idea from seeing a picture of celebs in the 90's wearing tshirts under their strappy summer dresses.

All in all I absolutely love how it looks with this top!!! 

And I love that you can see my tattoo from the back! Its very comfortable to wear even with the corset top on top!

So even though it is the most boring dress in the world I'm calling it a great success!! 

Much Love




  1. Great idea looks good especially with those tights.

  2. Looks super! Like Carol says I like the tights too, compliments it all really well.

  3. You could try making an under the bust corset to wear with it too. I don't think you've made one of those, or have you.


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