Saturday, 21 November 2015

Pink Chunky knit scarf

This scarf came about from having a drawer full of ends of wool. Not enough to actually make something but too much to just bin. So i picked some corresponding pinks and whtes and started knitting them up on my chunky needles.

I cant decide if its awesome in a granny chic kinda way or if i look like a crazy cat lady! I'm kinda hoping its the chic one, becuase we dont have room for a hoard of cats.

It looks more chic in this picture, and at least its warm and cosy! And i mean really cosy! I'm hoping this will keep me from getting any form of cough or cold this year, i am not prepared to be sick over christmas again. 

Speaking of christmas have you had snow? WE HAVE! It didnt really snow though it stopped and turned into ice pretty quickly, which in turn meant that me and lil knitwit had to abandon our walk to the shops this morning because we were both having trouble staying on our feet, which of course was hilarious but could have stoped being funny pretty fast had one of us gotten really hurt. So we turned around and made banana bread instead.

Much Love



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