Thursday, 5 November 2015

What to do with 2m Deer fabric?

Recently I was lucky enough to win 2m of fabulous deer fabric on Karen from did you make thats Facebook page. She held a caption contest and apparently my referencing her as a super hero made her chuckle!

She obviously made this fabulous shift dress! Using the sew over it pattern.

But what the hell am I going to make with it? I've already pre washed it and its folded neatly waiting for me to cut into.

But what shapes to cut? Its a drapey viscose which immediately made me think dress, but I'm kind of tempted by the idea of stretching my sewing skills and making a shirt.

This shirt to be precise

Its from a copy of burda magazine that I've recently been given. I like the idea of making a cute shirt and the deer fabric seems stable enough to make this from, I'm thinking something I can tuck into skinny jeans and wear with my brown cowboy boots.

I think what's really throwing me is that its a fabric print I would never choose for myself! I like it I just wouldn't choose it!  

So what do you think am I making a "who shot Bambi'a mum" dress or shirt? 


Are Burda magazine patterns true to size? I might cut a size bigger anyway because I want a looser fit so you get more sense of drape.

Much Love



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  1. Make a shirt, stretch yourself. It'll look cool as a long baggy shirt.


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