Sunday, 22 November 2015

What's In My Sewing Box?

I'm nosy by nature, last year I saw two lads stealing bits of the fridge my neighbours had dumped outside and I managed to give them an accurate description, time frame and the make of the vehicle as well as the number plate. I am what is referred to in my family as a net curtain twitcher. I love to be nosy which I think is why I loved housed hunting so much and why I'm always intrigued when people post pictures of their sewing stashes and sewing boxes.

So here's mine:~

So here's what I keep my basic sewing supplies in, these are the things I used every day. The box was my mums I think she had it when she was younger and she mentioned using it to take things to peoples house's for sleepovers, then I think she stored baby clothes in it. 

No idea where the key is, I just push down the lock to open it.

I decorated the lid with some of my favourite postcards.

And here it is all full up!

These are my scissors [yeah I know it seems like over kill]
i have [ from the top]
paper scissors
rotary cutter
pinking shears
large paper scissors
Old metal fabric scissors [sentimental]
Old pinking shears [also sentimental]
flowered fabric scissors
black fabric scissors
small card crimping scissors for doing tags.

Three pin cushions!
My old sylko one [previously my grandmas]
My purple pin cushion bag [made at school]
My tie on wrist one
Voodoo doll [because I'm evil and stuff]

Glue [not sure why I have this? it just appeared]
Craft knife, best way of removing buttons from old shirts!
Clear Tape
Masking Tape [best way of fixing paper patterns because you can draw on it and you can iron it]

Carbon paper, This was recently given to me and I've not had chance to use it yet!

My handmade tailors ham and my flexy curve thingy - this was originally my grandmas.

Machine oil, I've recently been trying to take better care of my machines by oiling them more often. I keep this in a zip lock bag so it doesn't spill everywhere. 

Pens and pencils of various natures.

This is my little bag where I keep all of my smaller sewing bits that might get lost in the chaos of scissors!

In my little bag:
pot of chalk
6 screwdrivers
black pen
needle book
zubes tin of pins
giant paper clip
four flexible tape measures
small blue paper clip
machine needle book
golf ball shaped metal tape measure
tine of machine needles
seam allowance tool
butterfly pencil and rubber
walking foot

And that's it! all my other supplies are stashed in various other places, so I hope you enjoyed having a nosy around my sewing box! What's in yours?

Much Love 



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