Friday, 13 November 2015

Quick superhero costume

Hello! Gosh it's been a while! What can I say I've been busy! Mainly starting the massive Christmas tidy up and making costumes for little knitwit! He's going to be a mouse in the nativity but more on that later! 

So onto today's costume, lil knitwit was told to dress as a hero for nursery, I know right it's broad! A hero? Are we talking teenage mutant ninja turtles or winston Churchill? I'm assuming they mean superhero not "changed the world" kind of hero. 

So I narrowed down the brief the only trouble? We don't have any hero costumes, we have a vampire one? But I'm not sure that counts, I also didn't have time to buy one so I went for the simplest costume I could think off. Clark Kent morphing into superman. 

I started with this: 

The only blue tee shirt I could fine and some felt. I quickly appliqués the superman logo to the front and voila! 

Instant costume! 

It's certainly not a life changing costume but at least he'll be comfortable all day and we've got some more wear from his suit trousers. The only thing that's missing is the Clark Kent style glasses, you know the ones that hide his identity from Teri hatcher. I tried to make some but they just looked crappy so I left it! 

In other news, I received an awesome parcel of stuff which is printing me to do a what's in my tool box post. 

I started a leather jacket but I'm not loving how it looks on my frame so I have some re thinking to do . 

I finished My chunky scarf! But I'm no further along with my cardigan. 

And I sorted out all of my sewing/fashion/knitting books so they resemble something like order 

Much love




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