Saturday, 7 November 2015

The Magic Pen!

Please tell me I'm not the only one who has only just discovered the magic of the frixions pen?
I first read about them on Karens blog.

Basically this is a regular pen that's disappears when you iron it! It DISAPPEARS! and then if you put it in the freezer it come back!!! 

In all seriousness this pen has changed my fabric marking game, I'm no longer worried about having smudges on my finished garment , its more accurate and it doesn't come off as fast as tailors chalk! 

And the best part these are just regular pens! They stock them in Tesco! IN TESCO!

Yeah that's really it today just my wonder about this pen! I have two now one in red and one in blue so I can clearly see my markings on most fabric!

Is their any other tools you couldn't live without?

Much Love 




  1. Will look out for those! I have just bought one of those that disappear in air after a short while and I think that is great, one that can be brought back sounds a good idea!

    1. Yeah it's very good I'm not sure if it comes back after a wash though x


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