Monday, 23 November 2015

Self drafted blue velvet circle skirt

I made this after drooling over a few different velvet skirts on pinterest. I mean what's more perfect than a velvet skirt in winter?

Now originally I was going to use the Clemence skirt pattern from love at first stitch but after the success of drafting my first circle skirt for my gingham dress, I thought why not ill just crack on and go patternless again. so I drafted my circle skirt based on my measurements again and made a simple waistband by measuring my waist and adding a seam allowance.   

Due to either the stretch of the of the circle skirt or a miscalculation the top of my skirt piece was slightly too big so I had to gather it but it still looks awesome. Also in the spirit of trying new things [ I know I've been very adventurous recently I hope I'm not having a mid life crisis] I put in my first ever lapped zip........Yay? And I've got to say I'm not a lover of the lapped zip, its just not that great to be honest saying that I will be giving it another go but this time I'm going to use a cotton in case it was the thickness of the velvet that's putting me off.

Its a really full skirt but I think its really flattering and I feel kind of awesome in it, like one of those girls who looks all adorable and chic in the winter instead of like a walking poof ball of wool and padding. 

It's got great twirlability too! 

So as a quick project that took me about two hours to make from cutting out to sewing up I'm very pleased, and it was nice to be able to use some more of the velvet I was given.

Now what do we think if the length? I didn't want anything too short but I also didn't want to look like a nun? I think its pretty spot on.

Eurgh I've just realised how rough I look in these photographs, I woke up this morning with the most dreadful stomach cramps and I actually had to get out of bed to heat up my wheat bag, funnily enough it reminded me of before I had lil knitwit when I lived at my mums and I used to wake up with stomach cramps and run a bath a three in the morning and then watch Gavin and Stacey! and naturally my running the bath would wake up my mum so she'd make us hot tea with a dot of brandy [well a couple of dots]

Well now i can't have the brandy because I have a little boy to care for!

Much Love




  1. Skirt is lovely it really suits you and it's a great length v

    1. Thank you I'm pleased with the length I think x

  2. The skirt looks super! I love swirly skirts, it suits you so well X X

    1. I'm definitely coming around to the swirly skirt trend it feels very cute x


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