Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Other people accomplishments

Sometimes you have to out source the things you need. My mum needed a blouse and she can sew but she asked me to make it. I needed some new mittens , and yes I can knit , in fact I could probably make a pair myself. But instead i asked Mr Knitwits Nan to make me some! and luckily for me she'd actually just finished whipping up four pairs! YES! FOUR PAIRS!!!!!! 

Anyway she popped them over a little while ago and I was naughty and chose two pairs.

This pair are already a bit dirty I wore them in the garden yesterday and they got a little muddy.

Ill tell you what she makes a cracking pair of mittens! These are actually my 2nd and 3rd pair from her I had a pair for Christmas one year and I wore them so much I put holes in them.

Obviously being a nan she's already made them for little knitwit.

His are Liverpool red naturally! And he also has matching welly socks! 

I don't think there's anything quite as good as knitwear for staying warm in winter!

Much Love 


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  1. These are really cute! And yes I fully agree, nothing like lovely cuddly knits for keeping warm and snug and cosy.
    Thank you so much for your kind comment to me too :)


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