Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Simple Raglan Top

 I was going to write this in the morning but lo and behold Rikki woke up with a migraine and spent the day spewing up and moaning whilst I tried to occupy a lil boy!

It was fun!

Anyway this top was made out of necessity I needed something to go with this liberty skirt I've made [which fit perfectly when I made it but is now somehow too big on the waist?] And because I'm making an effort to put more solids into my wardrobe!  

Its really wrinkled in these pictures because lolz Frankie hates to iron! The pattern was the same raglan prima pattern that I used for my last raglan top [I'm using it instead of buying the Linden sweater because Frankie = cheap]

The fabric was from the lovely Simona from Sewing Adventures in the Attick, I won it during her de-stash!!! And funnily enough she's Romanian and grew up near where I used to go skiing! Small world eh? Anyway its a very lightweight jersey with sort of raised striped on it and its very slightly see though. So you can't make anything body con with it, hence why I stuck to a looser style! 

The whole thing was whipped up on the over locker and I didn't bother to match the stripes! 

And that's it really!

Now I'm going to try and coax my husband into having something to eat and taking some more migraine tablets!

Much Love





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  2. Looking good ☺️ got to love a Prima pattern, and the colour suits you.

    Hope Mr KnitWitOwl gets better soon!

  3. It's so fab, love the colour and bonus it was a free! I love using and hacking patterns to get a similar look to save buying new patterns. I definitely need some plain tops too, I get so carried away with prints Xx


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