Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Carboot Haul

Okay so every month our local Tesco hosts a carboot on its back car park. And well if there is one thing I love its a carboot. Anyways I went last month and happened upon some ladies selling a few lengths of fabric for 50p per piece and after chatting to them for a bit one of them said to come back this month because she had some more. 

Well naturally I spent the whole month looking forward to going back and seeing what she had! So I found their car , picked up any of the fabric I had left last time and went to pay and one of the ladies got a HUGE bag of stuff out of the car for me and gave it too me as a gift! I mean OMG! I nearly cried, I did make a donation because they were selling for charity but we did have a really nice conversation about sewing and they all said how nice it is to meet someone so young who enjoys making things! [and they told me to go back next month......and to bring the car........]

Anyway here's all the stuff I brought/gave a donation for.

Odds and sods of ribbons

Longer lengths of ribbon, I especially like the embroidered ones! 


Hook and eyes and snaps. Fun fact apparently the hook and eyes were by appointment of the queen mum!

Slinky blue stuff, possibly good for a dress/top?

Animal print!

Paisley print, I have a vague idea some some sort of princess seamed lace up back dress?

Some sort of drapey woven stuff? I'm going to make a shirtdress of sorts.

Fairy print!


A floral hippy style cotton, I absolutely love this it might be my favourite thing!

Flower print cord? I love this, but I think there only enough for a bag.

Plaid crepe, absolutely no idea what to make from this.

Black and white cotton strip, hopefully with some clever cutting I can make a sundress from this.

small amount of shirting.

A really really fine cotton. Its so beautiful that I'm tempted to just hemp it and make a vintage style scarf. 

Pale pink cotton.

Pale pinks and purples floral [looks vintage] Its quite fine so I think it would need lining but I love the idea of making a dress from this. But I'm not sure how much wear I;d get out of it because its so far from my comfort zone! I love the idea of PJs is that its too pretty for bed!

Flannel type fabric

Pale pink cotton

silky floral thing, I'm going to make a nude slip type thing from this!

silky purple

lavender floral with jewel embellishments!

Ditsy print, I'm hoping to make a short little dress from this!

Striped waffle fabric, this is destined to be a box pleat skirt!

Upholstery material, I;m keeping this to one side for the next time our dining room chairs need re upholstering [Small child = messy chairs]

Floral viscose, I have a few ideas for this I just need to decide which one I want to do!

Floral cotton , no idea what to make from this!

slinky purple! Top/dress

Plaid , I think this will end up being used for quilting!

This is a grey SHOWERPROOF fabric [I actually discovered this whilst ironing it after pre-washing and the water from my iron spray just kept running off!] Guess who's going to make a coat!  

Slinky green , No ideas!!! 

Floral cotton , nope no idea!

Pale blue polka dot, you guessed it ! Sundress!!!

Heavy cotton, I think I'm going to make a skirt from this, maybe!

Green cotton, I love this but I;m not 100% that greens my colour so I really need to think about what to make from this!

Poly silky thing with monkeys on! This will be used for linings and I might make myself some silky Pjs!!!! 

Biba style print chiffon, Again I'm not sure that the combo of yellow and green will be great for my complexion but I just couldn't leave it!!!

 So yeah the moral of this story is that its always worth checking out carboots!!! 

Much Love




  1. It's a sewist's dream come true. Lucky, lucky you. Now get on with the sewing!

  2. What a super haul! Let me know if you have ideas for that netting as I have some blue similar that was in a mixed bag from Abakan and I don't know what to do with it. I thought of side pockets on a bag? Any other ideas?

  3. Wowzers! Talk about hitting the jackpot. I love that you have plans in place for a lot of it already, I'd probably end up changing my mind a gizzilion times before I ended up making something. No idea why I've never commented before because I'm also a fellow Stokie who shares your love of Abakhan (best shop EVER!)

    1. no way! hello fellow stokie! if you ever see me in abakahns give me a shout and we can talk sewing and stuff!

    2. I will! you need to point out all the awesome fabric I always seem to miss :) haha although I did get bargains on Saturday so I'm a happy bunny

    3. Haha I basically get into the bargain bins to make sure I have a good route around! X

  4. Maybe a skirt or fancy top out of the green! i love the color. it would look beautiful with my skin tone. HAVE tons of fun making things.

    1. Im thinking a skirt! although part of me just wants to make a dress and screw it if it drains my colour! Ill just wear more make up!

  5. Wow, what an amazing bunch of fabrics!! I'm lucky to find one piece at my local one. So many decisions and options :) bet you can't wai to go back next time! x

    1. Ive been going for the 5 years we have lived here and this is the first time Ive had a decent haul! But yeah I am sooooo excited for next time!


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