Sunday, 7 May 2017

Me Made May 17 - Week 1

It feels as though the first week of me made may has flown by this year. That or we've just been busier!

Anyway here's my round up of the week!

Day 1 - Kimono dress
pattern - simple sew
fabric - abakhan

We actually had a birthday party on this day and I wanted something that was a good mixture of smart/casual/sassy. I think it filled the brief, I felt dressed up enough to fit in with the dressed up people but not super overdressed went we went to Rikki's aunties for a brew. The only issue I have with this dress is that I need to wear a slip underneath and this one is a bit "busty" to say the least. So I think I need to invest in a new slip. But other than that I really need to put one of these on my to make list!

Day 2 - Gingham dress
pattern - lilou dress by tilly and the buttons [with added faux button placket]
fabric - abakhan 

This dress is my whole life, I literally wash it and then wear it straight away! I've made another [as yet unblogged] version but I think I could do with a few more!

Day 3- Striped Lilou dress
pattern - lilou dress by tilly and the buttons
Fabric - abakhans

This dress is from 2015 and is just about ready for its retirement. Whilst I still love the style of the dress its getting and touch tatty now. I think its maybe got about 2 more good wears in it before I have to give it up!

pattern - no pattern used
fabric - abakhans 

Confession time this is the first time I've worn this skirt since I made it. Yep seriously I just couldn't get on with it. I could never find the right top without looking frumpy. This RTW striped top is a good start though I think. As an added bonus I wore this when my niece came over and I got to have baby cuddles. I mean she sent my arm numb and there was some drooling but it was nice all the same. I am currently debating shortening it a touch more?

Pattern - GBSB Book 3
Fabric - from my lovely friend Jeanette pin_n_tonic on instagram 

I have a love hate relationship with this blouse, part of me loves the style but the other half of me knows that some of the sewing on this is just plain bad. That said I think I'm going to try and wear it a bit more. Plus it was pretty comfy for a morning of cleaning and sewing!

pattern - sew style essentials magazine
fabric - FC Fabric Studios

I LOVE THIS DRESS! I NEED MORE! This dress is my everything, its sassy its smart. It works for shopping and the school run and I could wear it to a nice dinner it is just "the dress!" On Saturday I wore it to morning football club [Where being comfortable for 2 hours of sitting is very important] and then on to a vintage fair with my mum and dad. Then we went to lunch then It was still awesome and comfortable whilst fitting a bodice on my mum! And later I had a Chinese with Rikki and I had room for all of the food! 

pattern - bodice , gbsb book 2
Box pleat skirt gbsb book 2
Fabric - FC fabric studio

Lil Man actually chose this today. I pretty much had a morning of pjs planned but then we realised we needed gerbil food and to drop off birthday presents and then a friend asked to come over in the afternoon so yerp I had to put clothes on! He actually made a pretty solid choice, I love this dress for summer because unlike some of my dresses the skirt is heavy enough not to be blown up in the slightest breeze! Plus the colour is LUSH! I'm trying to make more solid clothes rather than focusing on prints all the time! 

And thats my first week of Me Made May now this is where the whole thing falls apart and I forget to take pictures or I become really ill!

Wish me luck!

Hows your me made may going?

Much Love 




  1. Wow! I love every one of your outfits! Great start to MMMay.

    1. Thankyou! I'm trying to wear as many different things as possible!! X

  2. You've done fabulously, your wardrobe is fab! I need to get out of jeans but they are so practical and comfy (well some have elastic but with long tops no one knows 😳) here's to week two 😊 x

    1. I love Jeans too, I kind of want to make my own but it seems like a lot of work!!

  3. Your blog post looks great today. Great photos. I am not taking part this year - I just have wardrobe overload and I really don't need any more right now (Cough!it will inevitably happen) I just don't need a reason to get myself all fired up to make a load of clothes I don't need and I know that will happen to me! Jo xxx

    1. Haha I'm trying to find the gaps but my head always goes to ooh pretty! Rather than practical! That said I did make a few practical jumpers this year x


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