Sunday, 4 June 2017

Me Made May 17 - The end and what I learnt

Yet again I left posting my last week of me made may really late and yet again someone decided to try and invoke terror into the hearts of the British people. My heart is with the people of London right now and I hope that at some point all this will stop.

So here's my last week of Me Made May, this ones for the colourful spirited people of London!

Day 22 - Raglan Top
Pattern - Prima 
Fabric - Simona 

No idea what I did on this day but it definitely involved me snuggling under at blanket at some point!

Day 23 - Kimono Cardigan
Pattern - None
Fabric - Old sarong

I wore this for sports day at lil mans school, luckily someone had warned me that the parents races were obstacle races and recommended I didn't wear a dress! Rikki came 3rd in his race and I well didn't come anywhere? But I was pleased to take part and the absolute highlight was the lady next to me muttering "I knew I should have put a tenor lady in" Just before we started running!!!! Anyways the jacket held up well for the mixture of sunshine and wind we were experiencing and I felt like I looked okay for sports day!

Day 24 - Wrap Skirt
pattern - none
Fabric - up-cycled form dress

Okay so this was from the day I woke up and lil man had no voice! Like actually none! It was hilarious! But other than the inability to talk he was fine, he was eating well, he had no fever and he said nothing hurt! It just couldn't talk, needless to say it was a very peaceful day!

Day 25 - I forgot to take a picture

and  have no idea what I was wearing.

Pattern - GBSB book 2
Fabric - abakhans 

I need to get my hands on some more wax cotton so I can make more of these dresses!!! I love how the box pleat skirt and the stiffer fabric means its less likely to blow up in the wind! The only thing I dislike is how prone it is the wrinkling, I literally have to iron it before I wear it.

Day 27 - Unblogged summer dress
Pattern - Hacked GBSB Cami top
Fabric - Minerva crafts

This dress is on my to be blogged list, I actually got around to photographing it today which is a bonus because its been hanging on my door for days waiting!

Day 28 - Wrap Dress
Pattern - GBSB book 2
Fabric - Abakhans 

I love this dress! I need to make more wrap dresses because they are just so easy to throw on! Anyways I wore this to our local car boot. Sadly the fabric ladies weren't there but I did managed to get myself a stepper for exercising and 4 patterns. The patterns were £1 each , which I actually felt was a bit steep for a car boot? But they were all uncut so I guess its not awful its just most of them were free with magazines so..........

Day 29 - Unblogged Striped summer dress
Pattern - GBSB book 2
Fabric - Car boot

I wore this dress to spend the day at my mum and dads and as a happy coincidence my sister and her hubby went over too! We had a great time even if most of their floor was ripped up at the time! Anyways I do like this dress I'm just wondering if its a wee bit short? I don't think its too bad maybe I just need to learn how to sit in a more ladylike manner! 

Day 30 - Forgot to take photo

I can't remember what I wore either!

Day 31- Unblogged vintage dress
Pattern - Butterick 3596
Fabric - Craft Cotton Company

I'd finished this dress the night before and wasn't planning on wearing it, However it was the only item of clothing I had downstairs. To cut a long story short Rikki had a belting migraine and spent most of the day in bed sleeping/throwing up. It was great............

And yeah that's my finished me made may!

So here's my thoughts on my current wardrobe:

- I need more tops.

- My style doesn't tend to change from winter to summer I just change how may layers I wear

- I need a me made coat [this may have already been amended!!!]

- I'm definitely more on board with colour than I was a few years ago!

- I have a great collections of tried and tested patterns but maybe its time to step outside of the box?

- I want to try and do some knock off designer stuff this year!

And that's it really I've thrown a few things out that I know I will never wear, which is a shame because I spent time sewing them. But if they are not going to be worn then I might as well stop them taking up room in my wardrobe.

I've also got a lot of stuff planned to make which is cool!

Anyways much love to the people of London and to the rest of the world!

And I hope all of the lovely sewists who live in London are safe!

Much Love




  1. Great round up and such fab outfits!! x

  2. You do make lots when you first start but remember you learnt something from every item you have made even it is filed in the B1N now. I made my first vintage dress by using vintage sizing and wondered why I couldn't squeeze my arse into it I learnt A go by the measurements not the size and try on more when I am sewing. what you are thinking is right - it went straight in the bin! Jo x

    1. Oh no couldn't you have salvaged it? I think my biggest problem I'd how much I play around with my style, someday I'm a 50s housewife some days I'm a goth! It just means I've ended up with quite the collection of clothes!!


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