Sunday, 14 May 2017

Me Made May 17 - Week 2

So my camera battery still isn't here and I now have a grand total of 8 things to photograph. Yep they are all sat in my spare room waiting for that little sodding battery to turn up so I can use my camera.

In other news: I'm still going strong with Me Made May! Here's what I've been wearing this week.

pattern - Prima Magazine
Fabric - Craft cotton company

I love this skirt, its a really neutral piece and works with at least 90% of my wardrobe. I think on this day we opted to visit our local record shop only to find it was closed!! Anyway this denim is by the craft cotton company and has held p to some serious washing and wearing. Plus its never run in the wash, genuinely one of the best denims I have ever seen.

pattern - Lilou by tilly and the buttons
fabric - abakhans 

I need this fabric in the other colour way. This dress is just the bomb I actually feel like a sewing blogger when I wear it!

skirt pattern - none
fabric - upcycled
top pattern - self drafted 
fabric - vintage from my nan

This is what I wore the day my hayfever kicked in and I was miserable. all the skin on my nose went dry from the constant blowing and I was fully grumpy. I did buy some washers to use as pattern weights though and I made Rikki take me to 2 supermarkets to buy the softest tissues I could find. He also got me some cat socks to cheer me up. The biggest issue I had with this outfit was the lack of pockets!!! I had no where to put my tissues!

pattern - second gbsb book, bodice is princess seamed and skirt is box pleat skirt [also added waistband]
fabric - abakhans 

This was a super relaxed day and I read a whole book from cover to cover! I was reading "the poison tree" and I just couldn't put it down. I hadn't worn this dress in a while, mainly because of how creased it can get. However it fared really well and I remembered that the skirt on this doesn't blow up because of how stiff the wax cotton is! And not showing your knickers is always a bonus!

Day 12 - wool skirt
pattern - prima magazine
fabric - abakhans 

When I woke up on this morning the weather was foul! So foul that I took the car to school because the idea of walking made me want to cry. Luckily however it did mean I could wear this skirt which is lovely and toastie. I did wonder if it s a bit short but I think its passable as long as I keep my knees together!

Day 13 - Raglan jumper 
pattern - prima [its very close to the linden by grainline]
main fabric - abakhans
Piping and collar/cuffs - sew essential

This day was awful. I woke up feeling a bit icky and then suddenly I wasn't very well. I had to tell lil man that he couldn't go to football practise and bless him he was really good about it but I felt like an awful mummy so I sat and cried. Which sounds a bit wimpy but he loves football club and their was no one else to take him. The raglan jumper however was perfect for mooching around in. I paired it with jogger bottoms and large mugs of tea. [honourable mention goes to my mum and dad who dropped off some medicine before they drove to Newark to help sort my late uncles house. Not a stress they needed but they did it anyway! AND to the lovely ladies of instagram who made me feel 100% better by telling me I wasn't a bad mummy and to get well soon!!!!!! ]

Day 14 - coco dress
pattern - coco dress by tilly and the buttons
fabric - sew essential

Luckily I;m feeling much better today [I think the rest I had yesterday did me the world of good] Today is mainly about relaxing so I chucked on a comfy coco dress and did some minimal makeup. I would stay in jammies but whenever I stay in my PJs you can guarantee that we end up with visitors. Although I have laddered my tights so I'd have to change those anyway.

So yeah that's week two! I'm trying not to outfit repeat so I;m really having to dig to the back of my wardrobe to find things to wear and I've found a few things to alter as well!

How are you doing with your me made pledge?

Much Love



  1. I love your wardrobe, it definitely makes me want to sew more dresses and skirts (and to stop being such a wuss about getting chilly in them) Most of my memades are tops, lots of print but wear jeans heaps so it's something I should make.
    I've thought about buying the big washers, are you going to decorate yours? x

    1. I was but I kind of like them as they are? I might just write my name on them x


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