Saturday, 6 May 2017

Vintage Sewing Patterns

I'm feeling pretty knackered. Long gone are my lovely Saturday morning lie ins instead we need to be be up dressed and out of the house by 9am ready for Lil man's football club. Its an hour and a half if me sitting and him playing football and he really loves it. I on the other hand have to sit and make awkward conversation with the other parents. I might take some knitting next time but the amount of balls flying around means that might be a bit risky if I;m not paying attention.

 However today after football my mum and dad came to pick us up and suggested we attend a vintage fair in Nantwich. As far as vintage fairs go it was pretty naff, lots of overpriced tat and some handmade items. There was however a stall selling vintage sewing patterns for a pound each [which surprised me considering everything else they had was extortionate!] Sadly for me they only had two in my bust size. well one really the other is an inch smaller but I'm hoping it will still fit me!

One is butterick 3598 and the other is vogue 6807. I picked them out becuase they fit my bust size but it wasn't until I was sat in chatwins eating my brownie that I realised they are basically the same pattern. Luckily they do have some different features each and at £1 each its not like I've been ripped off!

Lets take a moment to appreciate how beautiful the pattern artwork is!

They are single size patterns and both are already cut so no faffing about for me!

The details are the best part though, the butterick pattern had a name and some other writing on the envelope. Its kind of weird to think that someone sewed this pattern before it came into my possession. I like the history of it and you could tell the pattern was well cared for. 

I was even more surprised when I found a piece of fabric already pinned and cut on one piece. It feels like a synthetic type fabric and I'm not really sure what to do with it? I might save it for a scrappy patchwork project? 

I also have a surprise in the vogue envelope. This pattern is slightly older and its pattern pieces have no writing on only cut out circles. But it also had a more modern simplicity collar piece in. So either someone lost the original pattern piece, or they mixed them up or they enjoyed a good pattern hack as much as I do!

In other news:

Me made May is going well, keep an eye out for my round up of the first week!

My new battery for my handheld shutter on my camera hasn't arrived yet. Apparently its a very particular size and we've had to order it online. I've actually got 4 new things sewn up I just don;t have a way of getting decent pictures. I have my fingers crossed for it arriving on Monday!

Much Love





  1. I've not seen with a vintage pattern but will give it a try when I find one that fits. We went to a antiques/curiosity centre yesterday and there were a few but none that fit and some very expensive fabric, I settled for tea and cake instead 😊x

    1. Nowt wrong with settling with tea and cake! You should definitely try a vintage pattern I think you'd look fab in something vintage x

  2. I have the butterick one and have made the dress with a crochet collar and then I did a hack and made the peter pan collar top as a blouse using a piece of my favourite fabric leftovers. Good Luck. Jo x

    1. Ooh hacking it to make a blouse sounds lovely!!! X


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