Sunday, 28 May 2017

The Green Dress

I don't wear green. I distinctly remember my friend buying me a green headband one birthday and not being able to wear it because it made me look like a plague victim. So since then I've avoided green like the plague [Do you see what I did there?] Anyway when I last went to the car boot the lady gave me a length of the most gorgeous vintage? border print fabric and I was miffed because I don;t wear green. So I sulked and I looked at it a lot and tried to work out what I could make that wouldn't make me look like an extra from a zombie film. A skirt maybe? So the colour was away from my face? Just use it as a lining? But the issue was I already had the idea for a dress in my head...

So I thought screw it and made the dress anyway! And surprisingly I kind of love it? I'm still not sure if the colour suits me but I love the style of the dress!

The pattern I used was by prima magazine, its for a panelled sort of top and a pleated skirt. Naturally I sacked of the skirt part and just used the bodice part of the pattern. [I'm really annoyed because I took a picture of the pattern and now I can't find it! But it came with a  jacket option as well and May 2014 rings a bell?] The bodice in the pattern is made up of four pieces and is strapless. I added my own straps because well I loves a pattern hack. Stupidly I tried the straps on my dummy and forgot to factor in seam allowances before I stitched my in so they are a touch tight.  

I decided to cross them over at the back to make it a bit more fun. The other issue is that the zips a bit jacked up, I seem to be doing this a lot at the minute so I need to try and concentrate more. Luckily I can;t see it and its only by a couple of mm so I decided it wasn't worth ripping out. 

Cutting out wise I made sure to match up the pattern on the bodice and used another section of the fabric to make to skirt [yeah I know I should have taken pictures of the fabric too] Fabric content wise I'm guessing its some sort of polyester vintage thing? The whole feel says 1960's ish to me, but the print threw me, Especially because its a boarder print, its very Indian inspired but almost as though someone said "I want this fabric to be Indian inspired but not too Indian, it should be English too?" If you get my drift. Either way the fabric hates my iron , which I learnt the hard way. And I had to press all of my seams under a tea towel.

The fit on the bodice is pretty banging, Its a bit tighter than I usually like but that works because I can't wear a bra with it anyway [because of the straps] Plus ya know its nice to let the tatas hang free every now and again. I did line the bodice though to stop any nipple issues arising. 

I love how swishy the skirt is, there is nothing in this world as good as a swishy skirt!!! Although when its windy they are less fun! 

Another issue with this dress is the straps. Apart from being a smidge tight I am so hacked off with my pattern matching. I thought I'd made it so both the straps had the same pattern on them but lo and behold one of the straps has a row of bloody flowers on it! A ROW OF FLOWERS! And the other strap has???? Yep you guessed it! No flowers! Its not terribly noticeable but its annoying considering how careful I had been with the rest of the dress.

All in all I sort of love it? I think its got a great sort of hippy vibe to it and I love the shape of the bodice and the cross over straps!

I'm hoping it doesn't wash me out too much? I tried to keep the fabric away from my face which should help. 
But either way I'm still going to wear it because I love it!

In other news!

Woop Woop half term is here! If anyone needs me I'll be basking in the glory of not having to get up at 7!

Sadly however my hay-fever is in full swing and Lil man lost his voice at the start of the week [You know your a bad parent when your son trying to speak and only squeaking, sets you giggling so much you nearly pee your pants!] Anyway he's much better now but it's looking like Rikki has it now! I'm casually wondering when its my turn to be poorly and have a day in bed? Mainly because spending a whole day in bed watching telly sounds like heaven!

Its actually the car boot tomorrow and I;m hoping to wear this dress so I can show her what I've made!!!

Much Love




  1. looks super! lovely fabric, I find that type of green is ok with pale skin xx

    1. Greens a very fickle colour! Sometimes it's okay and sometimes it's a mess!

  2. I'm loving the dress Frankie 😊 xxx

  3. I think it looks great on you, the fit is spot on and great that you can go braless! The straps really don't show enough to worry about but know it's bloody frustrating!!! I hope you wore it to the bootsale, a great way of showing that need more fabric 🤗 x

    1. Nothing quite like going bra less! Although I always worry I'll have a boob related incident x

  4. Perfect pattern for the fabric! I think you look cute in it!!

  5. Awesome dress and you don't look like you have the plague so that's a bonus!


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