Sunday, 21 May 2017

600th Blog post and a Top Tip

This is my 600th blog post... I have written 600 posts. To be perfectly honest if you'd have told me at 13 that I'd spend a good portion of my time writing about sewing I;d have said you were crackers! Oddly enough though my year 7 English teacher told me I was going to be a writer, apparently I had a certain "tone". Which is weird because I wouldn't call myself a writer although 600 blog post might say otherwise! So good call Miss Misra! good call! [she also said I was hilarious, which I knew was true at the time] 

  So yeah 600 posts, I don;t which surprises me more the fact that I;m at that number or the fact that you guys actually read them! YOU GUYS DA BEST! I hope your enjoying my ramblings about sewing and knitting and life, I don't plan on stopping anytime soon!

So anyway here's a top sewing organisation tip!

People who don't sew see scissors and think " well these are scissors, they are for cutting" and no matter how many times you explain to them that actually, NO these are just for fabric they don;t seem to get it. 

I've tried everything to get my husband to understand, 

I tired telling him to use the kitchen scissors.... But he doesn't know what the kitchen scissors look like.

I tried telling him to only use the scissors with ribbon on the handle..... But he pointed out that my embroidery scissors are on a piece of ribbon so I can wear them around my neck.

I tried allocating him a pair of scissors...... But he misplaced them.

I tried waving them in his face and saying these are the ones you can use, If you use my fabric scissors I'll cut you...... But apparently that was a touch aggressive!

This way is foolproof. I got a CD marker [although a sharpie would do] and wrote on every pair of scissors in the house what they are for. I kept it simple, fabric or paper. He can use the paper scissors for whatever his little heart desires, wires, card, wrapping paper, gaffer tape, murder..... But if I ever catch him with a pair of scissors with fabric written on the blade I will bury him under the patio. 

In fact its extra foolproof because I wrote on each leg? [are they legs? are they blades?] of the scissors so no matter which side he looks at its there staring at him!

All in all it took me about ten minutes to write on every pair of scissors in the house. Probably because they were all in one place. [one of the perks of having a small child is you know exactly where all of your sharp objects are at any given time!] 

foolproof [insert smug face]

Now shall we take bets on how long till he forgets to *read* the scissors?

Much Love 

and Thank You so much to all of you for reading my blog. It means a lot guys!





  1. I just found your blog on Crazy Mom Quilts. It's so fun. Please sign me up!

  2. Congratulations to your career as a writer.I am looking forward to every new post. The idea with the scissors is great.

    1. Haha I'm not sure it counts as a career but I do still love it! X

  3. I knew you would find a way to get a grip of the scissor situation. Well done you! Jo x

  4. 600 posts wow!!! I will let Miss Misra know how well she predicted your future!

  5. The scissor battle is ongoing! I may have it won, but I have been at it for over 50 years...53 in June! So keep on, saying it over and over and over again! :)

    1. Wow I'm not sure I could go 50 years without killing him!!! X

  6. I enjoy your blog and you modeling all your clothes. I haven't made clothes in years, just sticking to the straight seams in quilts, and no fitting problems with a quilt!

    1. Haha you'd be surprised! I have yet to make a quilt that covers my hubby from top to Toe!! X

  7. Amazing to write that many blogposts 🎉🎉 you write so fabulously, really fun to read that makes me smile or laugh out loud 😊 Loving the scissor idea!! Touch my scissors And I will hunt you down and just because I'm not in the house I will find out, blunt scissors don't lie!!!


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