Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Me Made May 17 - Week 3

I ummed and ahhed about posting today. I had meant to post this a few days ago but I had a poorly child so kept postponing and then after the events of today it seemed sort of inappropriate to post. Sort of disrespectful? And then I remembered that me posting on my blog isn't disrespectful, setting off an explosive device in a crowed arena is disrespectful. My heart is with the entire world right now because it isn't the easiest place to live right now, but mostly my heart is with those effected by what happened in Manchester arena, a place that holds joy for so many.

So here's what I wore for week 3 of Me made may, this ones for the guys who will stand up and still be good people even when there are those who are trying to break them,

Pattern - wool and the gang [its a freebie]
wool - hobbycraft

I wore this jumper because the weather was miserable and all I wanted to do was snuggle up on the sofa with a brew!

pattern skirt - GBSB book 2
fabric - abakhans 
pattern top - GBSB book 3
Fabric - My mums old net curtains!

Its actually the first time I've properly worn this crop top, I made a few alterations to the way it does up and I changed the straps because the old ones were a touch short and cut into my arms and made me uncomfortable. I wore this and Rikkis mum and dad came over for a quick visit. We had a lovely time catching up and just relaxing!

pattern - Threadcount
Fabric - the craft cotton company

I tried this on in the morning with tights and it just felt a bit short? so I chucked on some skinny jeans and wore it as a regular shirt! Funnily enough Rikkis Nan and Grandad came over on this day and his Grandad was also wearing a white shirt and blue jeans so we looked like twins!

Day 18 - Kimono cardigan
pattern - no pattern
fabric - an old sarong

This is such an old make but I still love it!!! I have no idea what I did on this day!

Day 19 - He-man Dress
pattern - Lilou Dress
fabric - a friends childhood curtains!

I wore this to spend a day at home with a poorly baby, which was pretty rough but as a bonus I didn't have to wear makeup all day and I got lots of snuggles! I also had a great chat with some people on instagram after it became apparent that several children had taken ill! Sisters in arms!!!!

Pattern - cotton and chalk , sunday set
Fabric - abakhans

I still had a poorly child but managed to find 10 minutes to clean the oven [which had been smoking recently!!!!] I got really messy and spent most of the day trying to convince my son to take a nap! The dungarees were comfy though!

pattern - GBSB book 3
fabric - my lovely friend pin_n_tonic

Yet again the child was poorly but with the added bonus of him being cranky from being up all night! We were suppose to be going to my mums for a family day but had to cancel. Which naturally made us both cranky! Lil man in particular, I did tell him he didn't want to make his newborn cousin poorly but then he suggested she stay home so he could play with his older cousins! Which meant I had to explain to him that maybe that wasn't very fair?

So yeah that was my week!

All my love to the people of Manchester




  1. Cool pics Frankie - I love that sweater. I had a new cooker last week and the girls said "it is really ace, it has a window where you can see in and everything!" I reminded them that the old one had a window it was just never clean enough to see through!! LOL. Respect to anyone who cleans their oven when their child is ill. Jo x

    1. He was napping and it REALLY needed doing!!! X

  2. It's been a mad week and definitely not disrespectful to post this! You've looked fab this week, hope your little man is doing well now xx

  3. Love the outfits. I didn't join in this year as most of my clothes are on a ship somewhere on their way to me in our new home. Though I have been wearing me made pj bottoms most evenings as they are so comfy.

    1. Nothing is more comfy than me made pj's!!! Hopefully your reunited with your wardrobe soon!! X

  4. Lovely outfits! You look so cool in all of the outfits. I especially liked the orange cardigan and the ace top with upper. They looks trendy and stylish.


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