Thursday, 11 May 2017

Clutch Bag

Some days you just HAVE to sew something. This was the result of one of those days. I knew my time was going to be short so I needed a quick project that I could bust of in under an hour.

I opted for the Anya Bag pattern by SoZo. But I omitted the straps and swapped the 2 small box pleats for one large central one. I wanted to see if I could make a decent looking clutch bag using this pattern.

Mainly because I have a love hate relationship with clutch bags. On one hand they are so cute and dainty and on the other hand how the hell are you meant to fit things in them? I dunno about you but when I go for a night on the razzle I like to take:
House keys
pen [hey don't knock it , you never know when you might need a pen] 
painkillers [places are so noisy nowdays]
spare contact lenses
hand sanitiser [you might think this is silly but some pub toilets are quite frankly foul]

BUT the only thing I can fit in clutch bags from the shops is maybe my phone? a key? a small amount of air?

Anyway as it turns out you can make a cute clutch that does actually fit things in! This was a trial version so it will probably end up in the spare present box. However when I make my final version I think I might go back to the two small box pleats and try and incorporate a zip? Having a semi open bag in a crowed space is just asking to have your phone/wallet nicked. 

The button is none functional instead the whole thing closes with a press stud. 

All in all I think its a pretty cute bag and will make a lovely gift for someone!

In other news!

I'm trying to get back on track with blogging and vlogging regularly.

I'm addicted to a cleaning product called Zoflora! Honestly its the most amazing thing ever! Its a disinfectant but it has a really strong smell and come in loads of different scents. It is definitely worth picking up a bottle!

Much Love




  1. Zoflora! That little bottle has been around for thousands of years (well at least 90) and my Mum used to use it in the 1950's. I use it and it's the best.

  2. Such a fab bag, I agree with you a zip is needed, I take so much shit out with me (always prepared) and would be the one who's popper popped open and tampons are flung across the dance floor :D
    Never heard of Zoflora before, is it a supermarket thing?

    1. Omg tampons everywhere!!! I love it when bouncers make you open your bag for a check, the little blush they do when they see a tampon is adorable! X

  3. I agree that a bag needs to be functional and cute! A zipper for sure. Good luck with the re-do!


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