Saturday, 20 May 2017

Black Pencil Skirt

I distinctly remember by my first black pencil skirt, we had a funeral to attend and after much rooting in my wardrobe it was decided I need a new skirt. As far as skirts go it was nice, it had a pleated kick pleat and was from m&s but I hated that skirt. Mainly because it was intended for a funeral which itself gives off pretty horrible thoughts but secondly because why do we feel the need to wear black to funerals? they should be a celebration of LIFE! And life is COLOURFUL! I've already informed Rikki that the dress code for my funeral should be "fabulous as f**k" I think it would be a wonderful occasion for people to crack out their ball gowns! 

Anyway as sucky as funerals are this is my new funeral skirt. the fabric came from my friend, she has already cut out a skirt for herself, but it had a side zip [and we all know how I feel about those] and I wasn't sure how the fit would be so I opted to cut another skirt using my old faithful GBSB pencil skirt pattern [book 2]. Luckily I manged to get the skirt out of the existing fabric, the only thing I had to forgo was the waistband. So instead this waistband is finished with a strip of brightly coloured bias tape.

The skirt sewed up super fast and I love the fit, those four darts at the front really seam to work with my shape. And I did a really awesome job on the lapped zip which is fast becoming one of my favourites. I've really been focusing on my finishing at the moment in the hopes of becoming a better dressmaker. 

Please excuse my hideous panty line! I put on makeup for blog pictures I am not about the start changing my knickers too. 

The skirt is hemmed by hand which was a nice therapeutic touch for a skirt that will end up holding bad memories. 

So why make a skirt that you will one day end up hating? [I can hear you all saying it] Well you see I read once that clothes are the armour we put on every day and I think its true. I hope that this skirt will give me courage and keep me strong because well, sewing is therapy. For me at least.

In slightly happier news! 

My guinea pig isn't depressed anymore! We had a rocky few weeks after his cage mate died where he'd just sit looking glassy eyed and wouldn't eat or drink anything. He was also really needy and would squeak for hours [if anybodys wondering, Yes a squeaking guinea pig can wake you up at two in the morning even if all the doors are closed in the house and it's downstairs!]  But yes he's almost back to his usual self eating and drinking quite happily!

Pattern - pencil skirt , GBSB book 2
Fabric - Gift from a friend!

Much Love




  1. Nice fit Frankie. I didn't notice any any line but I had to zoom in when you mentioned it. Still can't see one so either it doesn't show or my eyesight is going! Happy guinea pig news.

  2. Great skirt, looks fab and smart. I'm not sure for the need for wearing black either, the last two I went to I wore navy as didn't have anything black. Totally agree that it should be a celebration, I lost one of my besties to the big C and she went out to the song I Just Wanna Fucking Dance, it was utterly amazing, not sure what the oldies thought but it's an awesome song and very fitting 😊

    1. I think as it's your last hurrah you should allowed whatever you want! I'm glad she got her wish x


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