Friday, 15 July 2016

Worlds Softest Coco Dress

So after making my first coco dress by Tilly and the Buttons I just had to make another! 

This one is made from a poly knit from Abakhans. I had no idea what I wanted to make from this when I brought it home, But Its insanely soft and fluffy so I knew it was going to come home with me even if it was just so I could wrap myself up in it whilst binge watching desperate housewives!

I tried my very hardest to pattern match the sides which with stripes can be a bit of a killer! But I managed pretty well I think!

This is still in the size four, and now I'm definitely sure I need to go a size down.

Because its a bit loose so I've been wearing it with a belt. I had also cut the longer sleeves but I can't them for the 3/4 length because I didn't think the length suited me. 

Its a really great comfy casual dress and its so warm! Honestly its like being cuddled by a giant teddy bear! So I'm looking forward to wearing it in the winter when the weather turns colder [or ya know some point this week, hey British summer how you doing? fancy coming over to play?]

I think it'll be pretty good for the school run especially if I can get some thick tights or leggings.

Here's another shot of my pattern matching! I cut the sleeves on the cross grain though so I wouldn't have to deal with trying to match those. The effect ended up working out pretty well! 

I did ignore some of the pattern instructions for this version. Nothing major I just didn't hem the neckband until the end when I was doing the rest of my top stitching. Basically I'm too lazy to switch between my ball point needle and my twin needle so I just saved it all till the end.

In other news:

-the weather sucks, I honestly nearly did a cry walking to and from nursery today, I just felt so down in the dumps.

-and I started knitting a baby blanket last night during the football, at first I kinda hated it but now I think its really cute! I just don't think I'm going to have enough wool to make it big enough which means I'll have to do some sort of border which is a bit soul destroying!

Much Love




  1. I went down a size with the coco too. I also made the top version with some jersey fabric that was not big enough to do anything else with, and like you, made the sleeves shorter to get it out of the fabric. So frugal I am!! That looks really cosy. Jo x

    1. Omg it is so cosy! I made the mistake if wearing it on a slightly chilly day and was sweating bullets! I think it's a dress for really really freezing days!!!


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