Monday, 11 July 2016

Gingham Lakeside Grainline Pyjamas

I know I'm boring this is the second pair of Lakeside Grainline Pyjamas that I've made recently but I just loved the first pair so much and found then so satisfying to make I couldn't resist!

This time I used a very light cotton lawn that was given to me by a friend with this pattern. I love the warm colours of the gingham pattern its so unusual.

I used the same binding that I used for my first pair because I made too much. I don;t think it looks out of place and it saved me a lot of time [and swearing] in ironing out a whole new batch.

I made no changes and followed the instructions exactly. I still had trouble with the binding on the side seam of the shorts. I'm not quite sure what I was doing wrong but when I stopped sewing at 9.30pm to watch the GBSB final I was nearly in tears and when I decided to try and finish at 10.30pm It went on smoothly. 

No idea how that happened.

Pattern matching wise I did try, the side seams on the top aren't too bad but the shorts are a bit hit and miss. Apart from on the bum [you can see it a couple of pictures up, yes feel free to stop reading and go and have a quick gander at my bum, its okay we're all friends here]

I am pleased that I put the black stripe along the centre front though, I really debated over which colour should be at the front so I left it too my toddler. He said black and I know better than to argue with a four year old. [I highly recommend this deciding style to anyone with kids, it really takes the pressure off yourself]

The straps and everything went in wonderfully!

I turned down the speed on my machine for top stitching. That way I have to take my time and can't rush through. 

I think the problem with the pattern matching on the sides is that I flipped the pattern piece so now the colours are in the wrong order.

So in general I'm very pleased. The fabric is beautiful to wear to sleep in, its so light and cool.

The shorts are riding up a little but but I think its because I shortened the elastic a bit too much this time and they are trying to find a slightly smaller part of me to sit on, Its not uncomfortable it just means you get a saucy bit of bum cheek poking out in the morning.

It is a bit weird to see the whole ensemble in one print after making my first pair in two different fabrics. I wasn't sure I like it at first but its grown on me!

Ive also discovered that the top goes with these pj bottoms I made yonks ago! Which means hopefully they'll get some winter wear as well! Yes even in winter I can't abide wearing long sleeves in bed!

To be completely honest I've been wearing both of the pairs I made in constant rotation. Wash and a wear style!

In other news! the lovely Charlotte won the sewing bee! It was such a close call this year. I felt a bit gutted for Joyce who I'd been rooting for, after weeks of being told her stuff was a bit boring she went all out only to be told it looked like a costume. I did love Charlotte and Jades dresses though and I shed a lil tear hearing Charlotte talk about her relationship with her ex-husbands new wife, "she's such a big part of the children's lives" Isn't that a lovely way of looking at it? 

Much Love




  1. Great Jimmy shirt set, love the tartan and think your four year old made the right choice. I thought Charlottes story was lovely and touching and wished it happened more (didn't work that way in my word)

    1. Thankyou, the kid did good!!! I'm really pleased with how these turned out x


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