Sunday, 17 July 2016

Latest Fabricgasms

Okay so it dawned on me that its been a long time since my last Fabricgasms post!
And seen as the weathers been pretty grotty I decided to theme this one around summer!!!!!

How perfect would this be for a coco dress!!! I mean a velvet coco dress, I might die!

This is all of the adorable, I have very found memories of travelling around London on the tube with my Mum so a dress in this print would be pretty fabulous!!! 

It has tape measures on nuff said. I especially like the pink colourway.

This has rainbows and skulls and flowers and its pinks. It might be the best print in the world. EVER!!! 

These are little tiny bows, its literally the most adorably twee print I've ever seen! It would make the cutest full skirt!

Yet another awesome print, can you imagine strutting around in a star print dress? this comes in 19 colour ways! And I love about 80% of them!

It has sewing machines in it....... Do i really need to say anymore?

I think I might have fallen in love with border prints, I love the cutting challenge and this one gives me all the vintage vibes!!!

I love the hippy style this has and I just think the Batik looks so pretty! This comes in a few colourways but I think this one might be my favourite!

This reminds me of some of the beautiful prints that high street fashion brands use. I love the 90's style and the colours are just AWESOME!

So that's my latest fabricgasms! What fabrics are you loving at the moment!!!

Much Love



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