Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Dress to Wrap Skirt Refashion

I'm not even sure if this counts as an actual make, its barely a refashion!

This skirt started off life as a 1950's style dress that I got from Ethel Austin back in the day! Well actually my mum brought it and she brought one for herself for when we went to Goodwood. Yeah we used to rock the whole mother daughter matching thing, there were even headbands.

But on a side note, Ethel Austin how class was that shop!

Anyway the fit of the dress was pretty hit and miss to be honest so it ended up in the refashion pile. The fabric is a very light cotton and the dress had a circle skirt. Well I'm guessing its a circle skirt but to be honest I doubt its a proper full circle! the garment industry to tend to cut corners! It also had a fabric belt in the same fabric.

Anyway I separated the skirt from the bodice and then put the zip in my zipper drawer! Never waste a zipper in this house!!!

And then I gathered the skirt onto the fabric belt. To work out how long to keep my skirt section I measured my waist and did that measurement+half of that measurement [for example! - 28+14=42] naturally the belt was longer so that's how you get the tie.

I also added a button hole to make the ties fit easier but I judged that when I tried it on so I don't have a measurement for that.  

I love it it kind of reminds me of the Clemence skirt by Tilly and the Buttons, but with one added bonus.  

As it ties at the back [or the front or the side whatever floats your boat] then you have a nifty little secret! 

If you got out the dinner and say order a cheeky starter, and then eat all of your main because its just so darn good! And then well its not really a proper meal with out pudding is it? And then your feeling all bloated and like you might be sick, but it was worth it because everything tasted good! And you skirts cutting into you and your wishing everyone else would just finish up so you can go home and pop on your onesie? Well usually you'd have to sit there feeling uncomfortable and trying to wind up the conversation but with a wrap skirt you can just pop yourself off to the toilet and well loosen yourself off!!!

Its like magic honestly, nearly as good as your onesie! [I mean not quote as good as your onesie but close enough] 

Outfit Stats:
Choker - Handmade
Top - new look [was my sisters so about 15 years old?]
Skirt - Handmade
Shoes - mother in laws [snaffled]

Much Love



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  1. Cool - who doesn't have a pudding anyway! Jo x


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