Thursday, 28 July 2016

Twycross Zoo Review

I know its a bit different from what I usually post but I love a good review so here we go!

On lil mans day off from nursery last week we decided to go out to the ZOO! Now lets just let it be known I love the zoo, I love animals and I love spending days out all together!

I did not love that we picked such a ruddy hot day to go out! It was scorching!!!!!

We actually opted for Twycross Zoo over Chester zoo because its far less spread out, and it has less animals! If it had just been me and Rikki I would have forced him to go to Chester zoo. But seen as there were three of us going and one only had small legs we decided that the smaller zoo was the better option.

As always the zoo was clean and tidy, although many of the animals weren't doing much because of the heat. I mean seriously when the the kangaroos are lazying around you know its hot!

The penguins however didn't disappoint! They are one of my favourite animals to see!

There's plenty of places to get food and drink although we took a picnic! We did have a drink in the cafe later though, mainly so we could cool off! 

Now here's the most important thing! What we wore! I put both the boys in cotton shirts and shorts! [actually Marcus is wearing swim shorts so he could go in the water play area to cool off if he wanted. As it goes he just wanted an ice cream] 

I wore my Me made Wrap skirt, which I can highly recommend, I was nice and cool and I could loosen it off when I felt too hot, or had too much food!

The top is an old one that I'm going to bin, I thought it looked okay in the morning but then I saw all the pictures and was like eurgh! I look like a troll! it also blends into my skin on some pictures! But it does mean I've added sewing some cool cotton tops onto my to-do list! 

Anyway here's my top tips for visiting the Zoo! [especially when its hot!]

- Take a picnic, whilst its nice to eat out it can get expensive and when its hot we found it easier to snack throughout the day instead of eating one big mean! and take a picnic blanket! We nearly ended up on the grass so we could sit in the shade, I took this one that I made,

- wear comfy shoes! I always forget how much walking is involved at the zoo! In fact we did so much that me and lil man both fell asleep in the car!

-Plan your meals! we ate breakfast at home, packed a picnic for lunch and stopped off for tea on the way home. This worked far better than me cooking at home when I was tired from a big day out.

- dress comfy but stylish, If i had a penny for every photo I have of me wearing a horrible outfit just because its comfy I'd be a rich women. I know it sounds vain but if you want to put your pictures up on the wall your going to want to make sure you look awesome!

- Take lots of pictures! not just of animals but of kids looking at animals! Lil man spent a good ten minutes watching the penguins!

- Wear sun cream, I was the only one who got burnt, on my back, which was the bit rikki was in charge of!!!!!

Much Love


P.s hope you don't mind that I did a slightly different type of post!!!!

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  1. Late reading this post, you know what it's like in the summer. Too hot, too many other things to do and suddenly it's all got away from you and you have a backlog.

    Anyway, it's nice to have different topics every now and then - variety is the spice of life. I took my 2 granddaughters to Chester Zoo earlier this year and they both coped very well. The youngest was 12 months at the time and the eldest was three and a half. We forgot to take the buggy board (in fact we didn't actually think of it as Rosy is such a good little walker). She was absolutely fine running everywhere with no requests to be carried - we can't do carrying for very long unfortunately. She loved to read the map and guide us to her best animals so next time you go to the zoo force them both to Chester.


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