Monday, 4 July 2016

Lakeside Grainline Pyjamas, Christmas Style!

When I first started blogging I had to make a tough decision. As a person who hates having their picture taken would I put pictures of me up on my blog? Would I crop off my head? Would I just display them on a mannequin?

In the end I decided to photograph the things I make on me, mainly because I find it very frustrating when people post pictures of their makes on mannequins because everything looks good on a mannequin! [Major kudos to Jo at three stories high who posted pictures in a bra she made for the same reasons!]

So I took the plunge and took pictures of myself in my latest make a very short pair of Lakeside Pyjamas by Grainline Studios! [definitely worn nude pants and a strapless bra for these as well as tights because I'm not that brave!]

Right so details, the top is a loose fitting tank with a split back and bust darts and the shorts are elasticated at the waist and have sort of a 70's running short vibe!

I made a size 12, although I measured as a size 8. Yes I went up two sizes, after reading some blogs by people who had already made them I discovered that the shorts run a lil small, and as I have a lil bit of "ahem" junk in my trunk, I thought it was best to size up , and then I figured as I was making a toile maybe I should size up twice just to be safe.

And I'm really glad I did, the fit on top is good its loose enough to be comfy without the straps falling down and exposing bosom [anyone else have that? wake up in the morning to find both boobs have escaped you pj top? just me? okay then.......] 

And I'm really glad I sized up on the shorts, They are fairly loose on the waist and I took the elastic in by about 2 and a half inches but I'm really happy with them. I think the size 8 and 10 would have been a bit too snug and the last thing I want to be dealing with at 3am is a wedgie.

The pattern is deigned for light woven's, like lawn style cottons. But I used this Christmas fabric by the craft cotton company and it worked nicely. Although I didn't have enough of one fabric to make the full set so the top has a reindeer front and a snow flake back and the shorts have red reindeer print with a white reindeer waistband!

I don't mind the mismatched effect as its a toile but I do have some really lovely gingham cotton lawn to make my next set in! [courtesy of my friend who sent me both this pattern and the fabric as an early wedding present!]  

I actually put off making this pattern because it requires 7 YARDS! of bias binding. And I hate bias binding! But surprisingly I found this quite therapeutic and the instructions are really clear so that made it easier.

On some of the pictures below you can see how the bias binding hides all of the raw edges and gives a really pro finish. Although I got a bit confused when it came to binding the edge of the shorts but I think I know what I need to do next time for a really great finish.

This is the back split which might be my favourite part! It gives a really comfortable fit which I love and its nice to have a lil bit of sexy in the back especially seen as the rest is so loose. 

I also wondered if you could hack the pattern so the wrap over back was at the front and then you might have yourself a nice lil top for breast feeding.

Im starting to dream of a pair of these and a light silky material now! Very 1950s hollywood!

I had a hard time posing for these, hence all the props! oooh harry potter! perfect bedtime reading!

Here's the bias binding straps, the pattern give you a measurement to ct but I think its worth trying them before you stitch them into your top. These were the right length for me but if you bust is slightly bigger you might find the armholes tight.

The instructions are really clear on all points so its definitely worth following them! I love how the binding finishes this! Even if you do need 7 yards of the stuff! It is worth making your own though because pre made bias binding can be quite stiff and you don't want to be uncomfortable at bedtime!

I read on a few blogs that people plan on making these shorts in a knit with minimal stretch for running. I won't be doing that...... I only run on three occasions

1- for fabric
2- for wine
3- away from zombies

Here's the elastic waist, I'm tempted to make a drawstring one on my next pair but then Id have to tie them and stuff and deal with the inevitable my draw strings come undo shorts drop to the floor and expose my bum and foof dilemma! So I might just stick to elastic!

Much Love



P.s Definitely not saving these for Christmas!!!


  1. Nice set of pjs. I like the style as they look comfortable to wear.

    1. They really are! I thought the wrap back might do my head in but it actually doesnt! Its some sort of sleep wear witchcraft


  2. Very cool Jim jams, I love the fact they are different but matching, I can see how the bias could be a bind (ha ha) but it looks well worth the effort. I sleep in an pants and an old vest so really need to update my bed wear. I love the fact you are in your makes, as a blog reader (and lover) it's important to see how things look and it feels more personal too.

    1. Im glad you dont mind seeing me in my jammies! I also have old vest to sleep in but I really like having a nice bath and then putting nice pjs on! cheers me right up !



  3. Respect! You just gotta be brave! I love that pattern, did I miss to read what it was. I saw the fabric link and went back to read it again, am I just being dull? Jo x

    1. Glad you liked them! They are so comfy to wear x

  4. Got it, so wowed by pictures I missed it in the first bit!! Jo x


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