Monday, 8 December 2014

Fabric scissor rules!

I've always know that fabric scissors were special, my mother threatened me if I used hers so surprisingly I avoided them at all costs! Until I got old enough to cut my own fabric that is! 

It never dawned on me that their were people out there that thought you could use fabric scissors for other things ? Including GASP paper! 

How did they not know? And it became apparent whilst studying textiles that explaining the difference wasn't quite enough! Nor was buying paper scissors in one colour and fabric in another! Apparently the only way to stop young girls attacking paper with fabric scissors was to label them! (Yes with an actual label! Time well spent as far as my teachers were concerned!) 

Now I have very strict rules regarding scissors! Even mr Knitwit now realised that it's just easier to request a pair of scissors rather than find some himself and risk a telling off! 

Anyway I saw this on "craftsellers" Facebook page and I think it sums me up pretty well! 

Much love




  1. I saw this too! It's exactly right. My Mr used to try and sneak my scissors away, but boy did I teach him never to touch them lol. They are pretty much under lock and key, at the bottom of my sewing box, in a specific position so that I know if they have been moved haha! Obsessive much?

    1. That's a lil obsessive ! He just knows not to touch! X


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