Tuesday, 9 December 2014


Now I don't mean ham, ham I mean a tailors ham! 

Like this! Apparently they are super useful for ironing out seams and shoulder heads!

I don't actually have one (sad face) but I've been wondering for a while if I should get one? Well at least I was until I saw this pattern online! 

So I backed away from my amazon account (and my purse let out a sigh of relief) and tried to work out if it would be do able!? 

I should probobly mention my main reason for wanting a tailors ham is becuase me and my sister are making coats and I have a feeling that anything that makes the process easier is worth having ! 

It would also mean I could make us one each (after all what are baby sisters for?) 

Actually I think I might try and accomplish this tommorrow! And who knows after this I might find myself with a need for a tailors sausage! Oh not that kind you filthy animals! Stop laughing! 

Although saying that..... Patrick Grant? 

Much love



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