Friday, 12 December 2014


Okay so I actually made the tailors hams! They are not exactly what I wanted but I'm please with how they turned out! 

First I consulted the pattern I found on Google!

Next I gathered some scrap fabric and started cutting! (Freehand! Ain't nobody got time for actual pattern peices!) 

Until I ended up with two sets of these ! 

Next I stitched and stuffed and stitched again and Voila! 

Two tailors hams (that look a bit more like tailors sausages!) for me and my big sister! Now we should be set for starting to make our coats! After we've both cut the pattern that is! 

A few things about this project:
• if I did them again I'd do them fatter!
• I stuffed them with a mixture of stuffing and scrap fabric, they look a lil lumpy but I'm hoping it will smooth out! 
• I was very carefull to choose fabrics that would be okay when ironed! 
•I hand sewed the bottoms shut
• the floral print is my sisters (I so should have done this as an Xmas present!) and the striped one is mine (I didn't catch the edge properly so this one already needs some TLC

Anybody else made any sewing time savers? 

Much love




  1. Thanks Frankie :) you might need to show me how to use it, also still need to find the iron in all the boxes! Xxx

    1. Love that you've not even unpacked your iron yet!

  2. You'll have to let us know how it is using them! I thought they had to be stuffed with sawdust, and it's not like that's a thing people have lying around lol - so fabric scraps and stuffing would be so much easier for us sewists!!!

    I soo want to make one of these :)

    1. Genuinely made it and was like Brillant? Not sure I'm gonna use this! Used it that night for ironing bust darts! Seriously make one you will not regret it!

  3. Very clever and useful. And you'll find they'll be great when you are ironing sleeves.

    1. I've already used it for bust darts and can't wait to try it on sleeves!


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