Monday, 22 December 2014

Thanks a minion!

Okay so it's kind of a vague title!

Basically I was asked to make a minion for a friends niece! Now I've seen the movie despicable me and I've got to say it's not my favourite films in the world! In fact I would say it falls short of most of the films from my childhood, toy story, monsters inc etc. But saying that the minions are darn cute! 

Here's what I came up with! There was a lot if consultation regarding the amount of eyes etc! (Hey it's a tough call!) but I like the little guy! I also opted to put a "c" on the chest as opposed to a "g" as the recipients name starts with a "C". I love being able to do personal touches like that! 

As usual I used no pattern and just knitted from my head, but I can't remember if this ended up as a doorstop or a plushie! 

Anyways back to the title! After it was finished I sent to lady a picture and she said "thanks a million" and I said "don't you mean thanks a minion?!!"


Just me? 

Well I thought it was funny! 

Much love 




  1. Looks great!!! Also well done for all your achievements this year,looking forward to next years blogs x x

    1. Thank you! He was great fun to make!


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