Sunday, 21 December 2014

Tia the season to be .... Stupidly busy?

Having a small child at Christmas is rather like having a kissing booth manned by Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt and George Clooney.... Everybody wants to visit!

No seriously at the moment we are scheduling on average two to three visits per day! As well as a birthday party yesterday! (I wore my skinny clemence and it went down very nicely indeed) and the delivering and wrapping of our own presents! And usually we finish up the day by crawling into bed! 

But that leaves no room for sewing or knitting! I'm actually going stir crazy! I think the first opportunity I'm going to have to knit something is going to be Christmas Day! (I'll do it , you think I won't but I will! I'll have my turkey and then this lil lady is getting her knit on! )

Anyway this means I have very little to share, (apart from my amusing kissing booth anecdote, which you can borrow by the way!) and this...

This is a small section of my mums christmas tree! And here we have the stocking I made for her, the hoop I made for my dad and a snowflake Lil Knitwit made at nursery! 

I love my mums tree it's so full of memories 

Much love! 

And if I don't blog again 




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