Wednesday, 3 December 2014

A fresh new owl!

After a couple of tough days I decided I needed to get back to what I love, so I made an owl! 

There's not really much I can say to be honest, it's purple becuase I've been craving cadburys (you know, unlike every other day of the week when I just crave chocolate of any kind! I have been known to buy a family sized bag of revels on occasion and eat them in one sitting, yes I disgust myself as well!) 

He has a beautiful purple button on his belly and two gold rings to accent his eyes! 

Anyway he's super cute! Although I am finding it hard to believe how different it is to the first ever owl I made! 

I'm still using the same pattern (which I made up! Insert smug face!) so I'm unsure as to why they look so different? 

Anyway I'm feeling better after getting back to my roots so to speak! 

Much love



P.s I will be popping it in my etsy shop at some point! 

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