Monday, 29 December 2014

It's time to undeck your halls now!

I'm joking even I don't usually take my decorations down until after new year!

But merry Christmas! It's been! Santas been! It's over! It seemed like four weeks of stressing and organising ended after a lovely 24 hours (more on that in a bit) and then I crashed! 

Yep after two weeks of nursing lil Knitwit through his virus it hit me like a tonne of bricks! (I'm assuming it was the 25th time he sneezed in my face that finally did it) 

So yeah my Boxing Day went like this: 
8:30 - get up with lil Knitwit make breakfast (guzzle paracetomal)
9:30ish - mr knitwits parents and grand parents get up , they take pity and send my back to bed.
12:00 get back out if bed after sleep, guzzle more paracetamol, sit of kitchen floor when the room starts spinning
1:00 second roast! (I had two Yorkshires and a few roasties) help clear table then back to bed! 
4:30 get up (again) paracetamol (again) lie on sofa, and tell everyone I'm dying. 
6:30 bath lil Knitwit, eats a sausage roll and then yeah you guessed it! Back to bed! 
11:00 go downstairs to heat up my wheat bag again then back to bed
12:30 take all bed covers of mr Knitwit, tell him he's horrible not to let me have them all when I'm so cold, he feels my forehead BOOM! Fever!
1:30 wake mr Knitwit up (whilst sobbing hysterically) beg him to take me home. He calms me down and explains that he's had too much to drink and that the roads are still full of accidents from the days snow (apparently that happened when I was in bed!) promises we can go as soon as he wakes up

Next day- get up, packs bags, gets in car, passes out, gets home, takes temp (volcanic) had to phone my mum to say I wouldn't be round for her family day, more sobbing, bed, lil Knitwit sneezed all over bed sheets, strip bed then back to mine ! 

Yeah so fun! I'm over the worst now, just a sore throat and lots of nose blowing to contend with! 

But back to actual Christmas and my presents! 

As always I only really share my crafting related presents and this year I was properly spoiled! 

This was off mummy and daddy! It's a new dressmakers mannequin! (Which me knitwits built for me on the 27th to cheer me up, and positioned at the end of the bed, needless to say after waking up and seeing a looming white figure I thought my fever was back!) momma and poppa knitwit have earned some serious parenting points with this! 

This was from my lovely big sister and her husband! I've started it already and I'm loving it! I've admired Vivienne Westwood for years! Still can't quite believe she met the queen without knickers! I would never do that! Prince Harry maybe, but not the queen! 

I also revived this book from my sister and her hubby! (from mum and dad! forgive me I had flu!) It's full of rather funny newspaper articles about women in the 1930s and some of the photographs are stunning! 

I also got two pretty awesome presents from lil knitwits godfather (he's my friend aswell but we'd never admit it!) 

Yerp that's a vintage singer your looking at! 

Oop but then what's this ? 

Another one! Needless to say lil knitwits godfather is welcome to come round and have a brew whenever he wants! What a gem! (More on this machine later)

I honestly got some awesome presents this year! And it's great to see how well people know me! I got two owl bags! And three microwaveable wheat things, (apparently I'm always cold!) 

And I also got this lil guy 

Meet ronnie! Who's been living in our shed for the past two weeks! 

Isn't he the cutest! 

Anyway I'm going to go and try and shift the last of this cold/flu thing! And then hopefully I'll have the energy to blog about all the cool Christmas commissions I did! 

Much love

A super spoiled 



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