Thursday, 28 January 2016

Do babies still wear bonnets?

So seen as we had no internet for 10 days I got a LOT of knitting done! Mainly I stuck to baby knits because they are quick and adorable and you don't get much better than that.

It all started off with this pink set, the pattern is one I borrowed from my Nan It's Hayfield 00738, Its a cool pattern it has 4 hats, 3 mittens and 3 bootee patterns.

These aren't the matching booties for the hat but I think they look like a set, and these were quicker to knit anyway. 

The ribbon was from my stash, the pattern says to make twist ties but I really could not be bothered, and apart from using a power drill to make it quicker I had no more ideas on how  to save time. 

The bonnet I'm really proud of, I had to do a repeated pattern and everything and I'm pretty sure I only screwed up on two rows.

The wool was hobbycraft value, Its actually pretty good for the price and as an added bonus I got it in the 3 for 2 sale. I just wish they had a better variety of colours.

Project wise I think its cute and it stopped me going stir crazy, I'm not sure if people still put kids in bonnets though? I'm all for keeping warm so I would but I'm not sure about other people? And I knitted the smallest size so I'm not even sure if there's any babies that I know that would fit into it!

In other news its cold, which isn't too bad at least its not raining but it does mean me and lil knitwit are fully wrapping up in the morning. Hopefully I'm going to photography some other clothing makes today, seen as we seen to be having a rare cold but sunny spell!

We have also completely overhauled the dining/sewing room so that we can fit the computer in so ill have some pictures of that soon hopefully! 

Much Love




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