Friday, 8 January 2016

A wreath for all seasons

Okay so I know Christmas is over but every year I put a few projects on my to do list and sometimes I don't get around to them till after Christmas! 

Luckily for me the way I chose to do this project means it's not too seasonal. 

I started with an old wire hanger, one of the last ones in our house due to the great wire cull of 2013 I hate these bloody things. I didnt know coat hangers could make me curse until I tried to hang anything at all on one of these! 

So anyway I basically manipulated it into a round shape using my hands, no cutting required. (Sorry about the state of my carpet, the only way cleaning comes before crafting in this house is in the dictionary) 

Then I just tied lots of white stripes to the circle using a simple knot. 

And voila , wreath! I experimented with textures by emptying my scrap bin, there's cotton, netting, lace, and various other textures. There's also some wrapping ribbon (you know the plastic stuff) 

I cut each strip about 1cm wide and just under 10cm long? But I didn't measure I just eyeballed it. Then tied the different textures on in a random order! 

All in all I like it, it was a nice quick project that prompted a decent result. 

And it cleared out my scrap bin which is always a plus, especially with the way my scrap bin is! 

To fix it to the door I used some ribbon attached to the other side, but I've heard you can get special door hooks. The beauty of the project means that because you don't cut up the hanger you still have the hook part of the hanger for hanging it up. 

I'm not sure what I'll do with it now. I'm too heavy handed with doors to have it at  my house so my mum might end up with it. 

And because it's not entirely Christmas themed she might be able to use it all year round! Apparently that's a thing now? A wreath for every season? 

Do you use wreaths all year round? 

Much love



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