Monday, 11 January 2016

But Its Cold Outside

Its hard work photographing quilts in this kind of weather. Usually I peg them to the line and photograph them like that, but seen as its been grotty weather I took these pictures inside.

So anyway I should have blogged this just before Christmas but time ran away, and then I couldn't be bothered and yeah stuff just happened really. But Ta Da here's my finished Christmas quilt! 

The centre square is hand pieced and the rest was done on my machine, its backed with blue velvet and I didn't use any wadding, It felt like a bit of a waste to use wadding on a quilt that's only going to be used for one month a year. And the pile of the velvet makes it squishy and warm anyway.

The fabric is a mixture of craft cotton company fabrics and some pieces from my grandmas stash. It was nice to use up some of the pieces I inherited especially seen as a lot of them are featured in things my Grandma made for other family members!

Here's a close up of the centre square, I used English paper piecing and it probably took me about an hour?

I quilted the whole thing on my janome, I started by quilting around the centre square and gradually turned it into a spiral!

So it spent a happy couple of days on the sofa and has now been packed away with the rest of the decorations.

Before I packed it away I did add these to the back. Lil knitwits godfathers mum makes cards with cross stitches on the front and every year lil knitwit gets two one from her and one from his godfather, anyway I can never bring myself to throw them away so they are stashed in various places around the house [I couldn't find any when I looked but I'm sure some will turn up when I'm not looking] so I thought it might be nice to add them to the back of the quilt each year that way I don't have to have them floating around the house! Brilliant right?

In other news I started watching Mad Men but I just cant seem to get into it, I'm wondering if its because I have "but I'd rather watch the sopranos syndrome". So I've been watching that and if anything I'm enjoying it more than the first time I watched it! 

Maybe I'll try mad men again when I've finished the sopranos.

I also seem to be developing a small cold which sucks and I'm pretty grumpy which I'm blaming on the January blues, but I have been cheering myself up with some sewing. There one item that I'm kinda meh about and another that I like but could be better. However photographing them in this weather is going to be an absolute brute! 

Much Love



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  1. It's a beautiful quilt Frankie and I love that you used some of Granny's material she'd have appreciated that. When are you going to finish the one she left for you. The embroideries from the card on the back is a lovely way to save them.


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