Saturday, 9 January 2016

Hobbycraft treats!

Hobby craft is like my Mecca, it's absolutely the happiest place on the world. Even if it can be a touch expensive! 

Anyway luckily for me , for Christmas I was given a hobby craft voucher and as usual I had no trouble spending it! 

As usual I went for a mixture of items! 

5 balls of wool
Thread wax (omg this has changed my life!!!)
Spotty fat quarters, I'm working on a new quilt and these will be an integral part! (These are also by the craft cotton company who's fat quarters have never let me down.) 
Sewing needles , for some reason I loose needles so needed a restock. Although I dress to think where the lost ones are. 
Felt tips, for my sketchbook
White thread, I always buy white thread from hobby craft as its a staple of my sewing room.
And some ribbon that has "handmade" on it, which I'm going to use as tags for inside my makes. 

So yeah I think I've got some more fun bits and pieces to play with! 

And they are having a sale at the moment so that helps! 

I'm other news apparently tkmaxx is selling catch kidston bedding for £15 rather than the usual £45 (single bed) I only mention it in case it's cheaper to buy a bedding set rather than purchase the actual fabric! 

Also aldi has s pretty good deal on wool at the moment! I know I'm pretty tempted!! 

Much love



Ps this happened today! Isn't it adorable!!! 

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