Saturday, 16 January 2016

Second scissor necklace

I've had my first scissor necklace for a few years and now I've added another one! 

Excuse the crappy picture and lack of my face! The scissors came from a small bag of what I think we're card making bits and the chain is just from my jewellery box. 

It's just a small make today but it makes me very happy! 

In other news I have a cold and so does lil knitwit, he seems to have more energy than me but I haven't been sleeping well either. 

I've been working on some tutorial stuff, inspired by my lil baby god daughter! But so far it's top secret! 

And I'll be offline for a week or so, we are changing internet provider (if the bloke ever arrives to disconnect us!!! I've been in all day! Going a bit stir crazy) and I wont have Internet until the new one is plugged in next week ! Hopefully this means I'll have loads of stuff ready for when the internet is back! 

I was going to schedule some blog posts this morning to go online over the next few days but they disconnected the Internet at about 7:00am! So it'll just be silence! 

Although I will be checking emails on my 3G intermittently and if I'm ever somewhere with free wifi! 

I'm actually looking forward to going social media and Internet cold turkey! Although when I wanted a knitting pattern for today I was cursing something rotten! I'm going to miss raverly! And Instagram!! 

Much love

And ciao for now! 



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