Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Eeny beanie miney moh

I'm still plodding along with my efforts of having a fully wearable wardrobe, and as a stroke of luck I've recently come into a load of boots and shoes and some coats and scarves from a relative. 

And luckily for me both of the coats are black! Mr knitwit got me a lovely coat for Christmas but it's very pale and I'm worried about making it dirty so a black coat was just what I needed! 

And if I'm having a black coat I'm going to need a black hat! Especially with how the weather is now on the nursery run! 

It's a really simple garter stitch hat that you knit in "short rows". Basically you knit the hat across so the garter stitch ridges are vertical. It's pretty simple to do and I'll link to the pattern I used on raverly as soon as I'm on a computer and not my phone. I'd say it's a pretty good pattern for those who are starting to knit and can't stand the thought of making a scarf or a dishcloth.

I'm pretty happy with it as a first attempt, but I have already cast on another one which I'm making a few alterations to. First of all I'm making it longer so I can turn the brim up, I'm using a slightly thicker wool and I'm hoping to add a furry Pom Pom to the top when it's finished. Furry Pom poms seem to be quite "in" this season and I think they look adorable! 

In other news I went to see my lovely friends lovely baby yesterday and although little knitwit was unimpressed I thought she was lovely! I had big snuggles, and have been thinking of ways to spoil her since! 

I've still got two projects to photograph but the way my face looks today it just wasn't happening!!! 

I'm still watching the sopranos and have even reached the point in my obsession where I'm texting my brother to clarify my thoughts on the plot. Luckily for me I can text him "how long was pussy talking to the Feds for?" And he knows what I mean !!! 

Much love Frankie 


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