Sunday, 3 January 2016


It's been a bit of a highs and lows sort of few days, I finished a knitting project and cut out some projects but I had to take the Christmas decorations down today which always makes me sad. And sadly our hamster died yesterday , she was fine the day before, well I say fine she hadn't been in her wheel for a few days but she was moving. Anyway she's died now and I was worried about telling lil knitwits... Apparently it's not a problem "don't cry mummy, Sandy gone, she broke , daddy gonna put her in the bin"

Ahh to have the clarity of a 3 year old.

But I did get a project finished recently, it's another knitted blanket in my favourite garter stitch! 

I used a chunky/Aran weight yarn and a simple pattern with size five needles so it was a breeze to knit whilst all the Christmas festivities were happening. Basically I started with three stitches and then increased one stitch at the end of each row. This is a really simple and nice effect, providing your leave enough wool to do the decreases when your happy with the size. 

I did not. Which is why my blanket features a rather fetching hood in a different wool (two strands of 4ply). 

I don't think it turned out too badly , the yarns work quite nicely together colour wise. I think it helps that they are both speckled!

To do the hood I simply decreased with my blue wool until it ran out then continued with the White, I kept decreasing until I had three stitches left and then I started increasing again until the new increased section matched the white section where I decreased. 

If that makes any sense at all. 

Basically it looked like this 

And people said having an alevel in art would be useless. 

Then I just sewed up the seams either side! 

Anyways I'm very pleased with it, I actually think it looks quite chic and I think it's a good size for a newborn. Plus the wool is very lovely and squishy! 

I'm not sure where it's going to end up, a few people I know are expecting babies so probably with one of them!! 

Much love 



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  1. That worked out really well and I am going to put it on my list as I have several great nieces/nephews getting married soon and no doubt (hopefully) babies will follow in due course so blankets would be a perfect gift.


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